Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Separating Families

... is just the next chapter in the novel we're all supposed to be reading together.

So the media and the Democrats, but I repeat myself, are howling about separating illegal immigrant families at the border. It's all the rage, emphasis on rage. We've been doing it for years, far back into the Obama Administration, if not further. There are plenty of high-profile Democrats on record in interviews talking about it and not in breathless outrage.

If everyone knew about it all along and it wasn't a scandal then and it's a scandal now, the family separations can't be the real issue. It's only the latest chapter in the novel. This time the novel is plainly obvious as this chapter was preceded by a viral image of children in a cage that was proven to be from the Obama days.


I guess I'm supposed to show how much I care by ranting in high dudgeon, or perhaps even strato dudgeon, about how this is inhumane and it needs to stop and blah blah blah.

I dunno, how about if we keep doing it so word gets out not to bring your kids on a cross-desert trip to break into my country? Wouldn't it be better to not have any kids at all trying to get in illegally? I'm not hearing much about the kids making the trek across Mexican states that are embroiled in drug wars and terrain that is inhospitable for experienced hikers much less small children.

So if we didn't care then and we don't care about the kids making the trip, what are we really discussing? Oh, right. Political talking points.



Kelly the little black dog said...

The leaders of your faith seem to care. But then again, I forget that you're a supermarket Catholic.

K T Cat said...

When Church leaders opine on things outside of the faith like politics, economics and so forth, they're just another bunch of dudes. They have no religious authority in those areas. I get their point of view, but I'm totally free to disagree.

Foxfier said...

Some of our leadership is being frankly embarrassing, calling for canonical penalties on...those who are enforcing the laws of the land in a way that is specifically listed in the catechism.
Don't get me started on the number of false accusations I've seen from people who should know better, too.