Saturday, June 16, 2018

On Grooming A Pandora Station

I love Pandora. Here in the Catican Compound, we have about 40 Pandora stations, one for every mood and cuisine. It works on our Amazon Echo as well as our Sonos sound system. We also like to groom our Pandora stations, giving thumbs up and thumbs down to songs we like and songs we don't. The end result has been not quite what we expected.

I recently made a Confederate Railroad station. We're going to go see them in concert in a few weeks and even my Yankee wife has become a big fan. I've listened to the station at work and groom it as it plays. It now only plays a rotation of about 20 songs. The odds of it playing something I haven't heard are practically nil.

I get that Pandora wants to keep me happy, to keep me as a customer, but seriously, guys, I'm not going to bolt if I hear something less than stellar. In retrospect, I probably should have only used the thumbs-down and not the thumbs-up. That might have been the killer as all I'm getting now are my favorites.

Oh well. While you ponder that, here's one of our favorites. Enjoy!

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