Sunday, May 27, 2018

What A Media Blackout Looks Like

The Center for Equal Opportunity posted a document recently showing that Asian-Americans are probably facing admittance discrimination from Harvard, MIT and other universities. CalTech, on the other hand, is admitting students without regard for race.

I read about it on a conservative website and then did a search to see how the major news media sites were handling it. I searched on "asian harvard mit caltech" and limited the results to the last week. Here's a screen shot of the top hits.

Notice anything odd?
After a couple of entries on the second page, there are no more hits on the topic of admittance discrimination. There were no hits at all from the major news sites, not even Fox. Also, there were no hits from any of the race-obsessed lefty sites. Only conservative / libertarian sites covered the news.

In a country that is marinating in racial issues, it's telling that this one is getting no play at all. It's kind of like the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who was also one of the greatest mass-murderers in American history.

The seats set aside for the press in the courtroom were empty.
I guess some stories are more equal than others.

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