Sunday, April 08, 2018

Manhood As A Fashion Accessory

I had some more conversations recently with a woman I know who is considering "transitioning to a man." I put that in quotes because it's utter rubbish. If she has the surgeries and takes the drugs, she's not going to be a man any more than she'll be a banana. She'll be a mutilated woman, drenched in drugs.

As we talked, I realized that to her, being a man was a fashion statement. Since it is no longer acceptable to have an objective definition of manhood and masculinity, she's essentially correct that she will become a "man." It didn't start here, though.

When we decided that all family structures were equally valid, we started the destruction of sexual roles. That we've reached this point shouldn't be a surprise. That we will go farther is almost a given. In reality, men are designed to protect and provide for a wife and children. In our fantasy world, men don't have to fulfill that role at all.

Without that anchor, what then is a man? You don't need to be aggressive or focused or strong or accomplished. You don't have to expect that anyone will depend on you, so those traits are unnecessary. To me, that reduces manhood to a hair style, the need to shave and a voice an octave lower. Those are fashion statements and nothing more.

American GIs in Burma in WW II. 2 of the 6 of them were born female, but transitioned to men.
Or maybe not.

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ligneus said...

They look happy! That's what the sixties and the progs cost us.