Thursday, March 29, 2018

Stormy Daniels Tells Us Who To Hate

If you're not listening to the Andrew Klavan Show, you should be. I took the video snippet below from one of his recent shows as it perfectly states where I am right now with the media and their "scandals." I simply don't care.

Specifically with the Stormy Daniels thing and more generally with the rest of their breathless reporting on non-events, it takes me no time at all to remember even worse scandals that they downplayed or ignored. They're not reporting any more, they are just trying to whip up the mob into a frenzy of hate against people like me.

See also: The Children's March Against Guns or whatever that thing was called.

I'm numb to the whole thing. While PBS has round tables about a billionaire playboy bedding a porn star, I can recall when they would show Crosby, Stills and Nash concerts where they sang Love The One You're With to madly cheering crowds. Without objective morality, which is something the MSM has told me doesn't exist, I have no reference point for judging one scandal from another.

Oh, wait, I do, don't I? The scandal only matters when it involves the people they hate.

So this isn't about the scandals, is it? It's simply a scorecard for identifying people who are evil because they hold bad opinions. That would be people like me.

Love you, too, guys.


Timothy Eisele said...

As far as I can tell, the amount of play that a scandal gets has nothing to do with its importance, and everything to do with the ratings they get. Scandals relating to the budget, or to foreign affairs, or to government-sponsored abuses of constitutional rights, get very low ratings. If they got higher ratings, the entertainers masquerading as news anchors would be all over them.

The thing is, I can't really fault them for that. That's their business model. If they don't cater to what people want to see (as shown by what they actually watch, and not just what they say they want to watch), then they'll go out of business. I can fault the people who watch them, but then, how many people actually care when somebody else tells them what they are supposed to like? Most of the time, if you tell someone what they are supposed to like, they will immediately dislike that very thing, just to show you.

K T Cat said...

If ratings were what drove the coverage, why did the MSM sit on the Monica Lewinsky affair?

Timothy Eisele said...

Did they? It's been a while, but the way I remember it, once they saw there were ratings in it, they were all over it.

K T Cat said...

The Drudge Report went from a tiny nutjob site to an Internet giant with the Lewinsky affair. Several news outlets had the story, but didn't do anything until Drudge ran it. If they had their druthers, you'd never have heard of her. Dittos with the other victims of Bill's assaults. Check out that video clip again and you can see the media superstars dripping with scorn for the women. They were all in on defending their boy.