Friday, March 02, 2018

Do You Want To Be A Man?

If you are a woman, how do you know?

I've got a friend who has fallen into the clutches of the hardcore LGBT community. She's decided she identifies as a man. As long as I've known her, she has never come across as a man to me, not even as a bull dyke. She doesn't learn like a man, react like a man, pursue goals like a man or anything else.

A fundamental error in the whole transgender thing dawned on me today. How do trannies decide to identify as the other sex? They really don't have any frame of reference for the feeling. Ask yourself, what does it feel like to be the opposite sex? How do they think, what do they feel, what are their motivations? You don't really know what is going on inside of them. Dig this chart.

A woman's hormones as a function of reproductive cycle.

My hormones don't look anything like that. How would I know what a woman feels? It would be an obnoxious act of superiority to suggest that I did. Beyond that, there are the mental imprints you get growing up weaker and less aggressive than the men around you. I don't know that, either.

I might legitimately tell you that I don't like being male, but I don't see how I could say that I felt like a woman. The analogy that came to mind was looking at a painting, but not knowing anything about canvases, brushes or oil paints. I might know they existed, but not how they were used. I would be able to see the painting and understand the appearance, but anything more than that would be a total mystery. As far as I would be concerned, the painting was created by dipping your finger in inks or clays and applying them to really thin plywood.

Of course, the TG thing is all a lie anyway, so this is an empty, intellectual pursuit. If you identify as a pirate, there is no political constituency demanding the government pay for your leg amputation, parrot and monthly supply of rum.

Yarr. Too bad, matey. That might be nice.

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Foxfier said...

They've got lots of practice-- I've had far too many male "feminists" insist that I am not a woman, never mind that I've given birth.

It's not logic involved.