Friday, March 23, 2018

CNN And Fox: Feeding The Beast

Ohioan left an interesting comment on yesterday's blog post.
Today we are swamped by information. At least ‘information’ in the Claude Shannon definition. The question is are we swamped with useful/meaningful information? I think not. Most of the ‘information’ out there is like a specific random stream of 1’s and 0’s. Full of ‘information’, but not terribly worthwhile in our day to day lives. In fact, I suspect that the flood of nearly meaningless information is drowning out the important information to which we should be paying attention.
If, as I suggested, the expert panels on the talky-talk shows  consisted of professionals discussing their craft, you'd quickly run out of things to say. Once the handyman has reviewed the consumer-level drills, you don't need him to come back and do it again until next year. You'd have an impossible job filling a 24/7 news station's airtime.

Meanwhile, did you see what Claire McCaskill said about Nancy Pelosi and the way she sneered at Mike Pence? And the day before, Chuck Schumer tweeted a response to President Trump congratulating the Archbishop of Canterbury for wearing green. In politics, every day there's new information.

Now if only there was something useful to do with it!

Political talk shows, in a nutshell.
Which is where they belong.

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Foxfier said...

....congratulating the Archbishop of Canterbury for wearing green.

That would actually be pretty big, what with taking the Catholic side and all.

But they probably wouldn't explain why.....