Friday, February 02, 2018

Why The Nunes Memo Must Not Be Released

Two reasons.

Russians hate money

We need to get to the bottom of the whole Russia-Trump collusion scandal by doing years and years of investigation to find out why Russia skewed the American election in favor to Trump who was guaranteed to lower the price of oil which is where Russian oligarchs get almost all of their money.

Political extremists are perfectly fine with their side losing power

We need to ditch the Nunes memo because it's obvious there is nothing there. After all, there's no way a hard-left authoritarian like Barack Obama would have used the FBI to spy on Donald Trump like he used the IRS to crush the Tea Party.

Stop the madness!


ligneus said...

Yes, very good! Are you enjoying all this as much as I am? I've said before, Trump is our times' Churchill. The warrior against the totalitarians, and like Churchill there is no one else who could have done it.

Anonymous said...

guaranteed to lower the price of oil

Price of oil at Trump's election, 56$, price now, 65$; what is that 20% higher? The amount of oil we can tap from ANWAR and offshore isn't really enough to push the market, it's really shale that lowered the price of oil and that peaked during the Obama years. And let us not forget the other side of the equation, how much more might we consume with relaxed CAFE standards?

There have been three reports that conclude the Russians interfered in favor of Trump, one by the CIA, one by the FBI and one by the NSA. Pompeo stood by the CIA report, Trump's own nominee. It doesn't look to me like there was collusion, but whatever keeps a Republican Congress idle seems like a happy outcome to me.