Friday, February 09, 2018

Stupid But Not Insane

... is the best thing you can say about the Republicans these days.

So we now have a new budget deal. Yay! The government will stay open!

It also blasts the deficit into orbit.

In a time of plenty and peace, we're spending like drunken sailors. Looking at the chart and reading as much as I can through my fingers held up in front of my face in horror, I wonder how they came up with the budget at all. I mean, if you're going to ignore deficits, why stop at a gazillion dollars to study what happens when you feed rats too much tofu, why not two gazillion? Seriously, if no one cares about the debt at all any more, what restrained them from adding zeroes on the end of every number?

Maybe they just didn't think of it.

There is no party of fiscal responsibility any more, no more adults in the room at all. At least, in the past, you could count on the Republicans to mouth platitudes about the debt even if they ignored it as soon as they got elected. Now we're not even going to get that. It's candy and cake all the time for everyone! Yay!

Meanwhile, the Democrats have gone completely crazy with their Russia hysteria and full-on Nazi racial paranoia.

What a country.

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