Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Serf's Up On Twitter!

I scored a serious Twitter snark on that horrible sociopath Stephen King last weekend. I won't quote it here, but it got over 150 likes and then a couple of replies which led to to arguments. Yay!

Watching it evolve, I realized that I (1100 followers) was the peasant and Stephen King (4,550,000 followers) was the knight. I was taking part in a medieval battle and I was part of the expendable, unarmored rabble. No one would remember who I was, it was all about Stephen King. Likewise, it's all about Trump, Hillary, Sean Hannity, the CNN morons and so on. When we go out there and engage in arguments, we're just bashing each other over the head for the honor and glory of our noble masters.

Here, Stephen King shows his valor and puissance by jousting with Donald Trump. How noble the steeds, how fine the armor, how gay the livery and plumes!
This is you and me. We've got wooden clubs, we're wearing women's housecoats and we're so stupid, we're not even facing each other as we flail away blindly. No fair lady will mark our fall with a tear, no priest will shrive us as we die. Only our swine shall mourn us.
We argue over what our leaders say, not over what we truly believe. For most of us, our beliefs have not been derived from first principles or logic. Instead, we have been indoctrinated into one of two catechisms by our "betters."


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ligneus said...

I don't know, I imagine we of the 'ordinary people' who take the time to learn what's what, who know the NYT is a high falutin' propaganda rag for the Dems for instance, who know that Thomas Sowell and Antonin Scalia 'get it right' and who try to spread the word, are the real elite. We are what 'We the People' are supposed to be.