Tuesday, February 27, 2018

It's The Media's World, We Just Live In It

For the life of me, I can't figure out why I need to keep paying attention to the Florida school shooting. I know why the media is transfixed by it, but I'm so over it, that I've stopped reading Twitter, Instapundit and lots of other things until it blows over. It's all so useless. Here are a few reasons why.
  1. Gun laws aren't going to change substantively. It's not only because of the NRA's clout, it's because there are 350 million guns in the US or something like that. This is a gun nation and it always will be. Get over it.
  2. The narrative is so patently a lie. The NRA and gun laws had nothing to do with the shooting. In fact, it's the perfect ad for the NRA and gun ownership. The authorities had tons of warning and allowed the kid to go on his rampage. Once he was shooting, the cops just stood around until he was done. If anything, it makes me more likely to buy and carry a gun, not less. If this is the protection we get when we disarm, I'm carrying.
  3. The guy was violently insane. If he didn't have a gun, were the voices in his head going to tell him to go read a good book? The Islamist losers have shown what homicidal maniacs do when they are too incompetent to get their hands on guns or explosives. They get in a vehicle and run people over. It beggars the imagination to think that the absence of guns would have done anything but changed the location and means.
The endless yammering about the shooting proves to me that there is absolutely nothing in the Russia "scandal." Of course, there never was and anyone with a lick of sense knew it from the start. This is the closest club with which to beat Republicans. That's it. The media has gone so far off the deep end and made their narratives so obvious that they might as well run on a chyron underneath their broadcasts telling us in bullet points why what they're saying today means conservatives are evil.

Meanwhile, important things are happening, particularly here in California. Homelessness is through the roof, we're at the start of what looks to be a serious drought year and all of our discretionary income is being blown on high speed rail. The high speed rail will never be finished as the state's pension crisis will explode before they can find the last $50B to complete any useful portion of the tracks.

That is not being covered and never will be until, like Venezuela, it becomes too obvious to ignore. At that point, also like Venezuela, the progressives' guilt for the colossal failure will be minimized if not completely ignored.

20 years ago, I was in Astrakhan, Russia. There were partially-finished, abandoned construction projects rusting and decaying all over the place. That's what you get from progressives. California will be no different. 20 years from now, these things will be sitting there in the Central Valley, oxidized rebar sticking out of them, crumbling to bits.


Foxfier said...

News this morning for the Russian thing:
they're trying to "help facebook combat altered images".

...you know the thing where you take a picture, do a really obvious photoshop and add funny alternate text instead of what they wrote? That. THey used the example of an illegal immigration activist holding a sign, where the words "GIVE ME FREE STUFF" had been written on it.

If I remember the image correctly, it was in obvious type-face.

Guess they figured out folks are actually looking at the police actions in this case, maybe even noticing the policy about "don't arrest anybody enrolled in school."


ligneus said...

Forlorn hope but the left should apply to themselves the question from their stupid old anti-war song, 'When will they ever learn?' But they never will, will they? 'Progressivism' is a full blown religious ideology.