Friday, January 19, 2018

Maybe We Could House The Homeless On The Bullet Train

LOL! Nothing matters.

I thought of that when I saw the video below and this news story.

I had thought I was inured to homeless encampments having seen what I thought was a really big one here in San Diego. That one in Orange County is simply mind-boggling. I recently saw what LA's Skid Row has become and it's far worse than Orange County's camp. California has the highest poverty rate in the country, above even the mouth-breathing, redneck, bigot states of Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama.

That link, in case you don't want to visit it, takes you to an LA Times story about a massive cost overrun on the California High Speed Rail project. It's costing well over $10B to build the section from Merced (pop 81,000) to Bakersfield (pop 464,000). If you don't know Cali geography, those are in the sparsely populated center of the state. There's no purpose to that section of track other than to provide an easy win in construction. It turned out to be not-so-easy.

Then there's the return of the drought. We haven't built a new water storage or transport system in decades, so much of last year's rainfall was lost when it could have been stored.

Meanwhile, the state is going all-in on illegal immigrants and fought the tax bill which, in the end, will cause wealthy people to leave.

I don't know that anyone cares. This isn't on Twitter, doesn't involve President Trump and isn't racial, so who cares?

Basic competence at providing essential services and dealing with high-priority issues? Please! We have high-speed rail and the the fights against whiteness and the patriarchy to occupy us. We don't have time for anything as trivial as these things.

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