Monday, January 08, 2018

Football And Gumbo

... or, "Odds and Ends."

NFL Playoffs

Exhausted from several business trips followed by the holidays with the family followed by nursing my father through his terminal stage left me exhausted, so I layed around this weekend and watched most of the NFL playoffs. It's been a dreadful year for the league, with the idiotic unforced error of bringing politics (of any stripe) into the game and mostly horrible games every weekend. This weekend's playoff games, however, were excellent.

My Saints beat the Panthers yesterday, primarily on the right arm of Drew Brees. This year, the Saints have been a running team featuring the duo of Ingram and Kamara. The Panthers decided to shut down the run, whatever the cost and Brees made them pay. Below, Mark and Alvin let you know that daring Drew Brees to beat you is a bad idea.

I love sports and the arts because I love effort and excellence. I don't care about a person's politics as long as they don't shove it in my face. It was great to watch these two men, who have worked constantly for years to be good at their profession, show such respect for Drew. As I listened to them, I could easily imagine an interview with Drew where he said the same things about them. Beautiful.


On Saturday, I received The Ghana Cookbook. I love Southern, Cajun, Creole and Carribean cooking, so I figured I'd trace the sources backwards across the Atlantic and see what West African food was like. There are some single-pot meals and stews (gumbos?) that look interesting. I'll blog the results after I try them.

Summing Up 92 Years In 5 Minutes

I'm giving my father's eulogy on Friday. It's ridiculous to sum up nine decades of life of a Renaissance man in a few minutes so I'm just going to pull out a couple of themes that I hope the audience will find familiar. I'll post it here so you can offer critiques.

OK, that's it until tomorrow. Hope you have a great Monday!

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