Monday, January 29, 2018

Apple Makes A Play For The Wimpy Creep Market

I hate this ad.

When I first saw it, I didn't pay any attention to what was being sold or what it could do. Instead, I spent my time trying to figure out just what that creature was. Was it a boy? Was it a girl? The first 5 or so times, it felt like an ad for helping children to switch sexes, an in-your-face forced acceptance of weird, androgynous beings.

I finally figured out that it's a girl trying to be a not-quite-so boy. Not a man or a normal boy, mind you, but a wimpy, creepy boy as envisioned by hipsters living in a prog cultural bubble. When I saw the light blue fingernail polish at the start, that's when I thought it was a boy trying to be a faux-butch, creepy, hipster girl. The ad turned me off immediately and I still can't escape that feeling.

The ad is so hideous that it's made me start seeing a trend in modern advertising. Many young people in ads are the same kind of wimpy-butch-fem, hipster creeps. They aren't threatening because they lack any kind of aggression at all, even the protective, latent aggression of a normal man. Maybe that's what's so weird about the whole thing. You feel like these beings are translucent, made of fog or mist. There's nothing to them at all, no personality, no strength, no power.

It's not what I want to be nor is it what I want my kids to become. One of the things an ad should do is make you want to be like the people who use the product being sold. Look how it makes them desirable! Don't you want to be like them? Buy this widget and you will be!

Ick. No thanks.


Tom said...

I see a kid addicted to gadgets. When I pull out my phone on vacation it's too document how my family is addicted to theirs. My wife deletes these from the shared albums; she doesn't want people to see her two-fisted pokeyman addiction.

K T Cat said...