Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Style Over Substance?

All in all, I thought Trump's European vacation was pretty much a complete disaster. Other than his dressing down of the Germans for funding the Russian military with $21B of imported energy products, which desperately needed to be said in blunt terms, Trump seemed completely off the rails everywhere he went.

His snarking at Prime Minister May was unnecessary and the press conference with Putin was one unforced error after another. The guy hasn't changed a bit. He has no filter between his brain and his mouth. Or perhaps, that filter switches on and off at irregular intervals. Whatever it was, the whole trip could hardly have been worse.

My wife can't stand the guy for the same reasons I can't. He's a self-aggrandizing loudmouth. Every utterance is there to make him look big and everyone else look small. It dawned on me after a conversation with her about it the other day that I've pretty much tuned him out. I don't watch the news, I don't watch most of his speeches and I don't read most of the quotes. What's the point? Occasionally he's right on target, but a lot of the time, he's a bombastic nut.

Until you get to his performance.

I can't think of anyone, save perhaps Ted Cruz, who would be doing a better job as president. Everything you want to happen is happening, with the exception of the wall. His judicial picks have been out of this world, giving a free hand to the military has led to the obliteration of ISIS, the market and economy are going gangbusters and he's reigning in the out-of-control regulatory state. The Catholic Church and its schools are safe from cultural attack by the government, something I didn't feel under Obama.

Meanwhile, the left is going totally insane, screaming about impeachment and treason and racism and God knows what else. I can't watch them, either.

I've decided that the biggest difference between the sides was best put by my wife. "I love what he's doing, but what he says and the way he says it drives me crazy!" If his reelection was held today, I'd vote for him and it's a good bet she'd vote against him.

Does style outweigh substance? (Good Lord, how I wish we'd elected Ted Cruz.)

All in all, this was probably a fitting symbol for the trip.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Searching For A Reason For The Putin Panic

Wouldn't that be a cool new dance? The Putin Panic?

Can someone please tell me what's the big deal with the Trump-Putin summit? For the life of me, I can't figure out why everyone has their panties in a wad over it. Yeah, they've got a lot of nukes, but that's about it. If that moron Podesta hadn't fallen for a phishing scheme, we'd never have had the Russia-Democrat-Bonehead-Email Scandal.

It's a wonder the Nigerian prince who inherited $17,000,000 didn't get to Podesta first.

Anyway, the Putin summit is a big deal because ... reasons. Someone told me recently that the issue was Russian aggression. Aggression with what? Their army is tiny for their land mass size and they lack the ability to project power outside of a 20-mile radius around their borders. If that prime buffoon Obama had given the Ukrainians lethal aid, they would have been able to wipe out a decent chunk of Russia's operational units.

I did some research and found the Russians have lost the ability to direct fires and coordinate attacks. Their missiles might have great accuracy, which itself is debatable, but they can't see where to shoot the things.

That leaves you with ... what? A wasting population with one of the lowest birth rates in the world? A ossified economy reliant on only one export - petroleum and related products? Wow. Better jump into the bunker, it's the Russians!  Or not. It looks to me like we can safely ignore them.


Here, a Russian assault vehicle attacks a small park.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Climate Change Hysteria Is A Nazi Scam

As if you didn't know already.

The video at the bottom explains the chart up above. The chart explains why we need to learn to cope with global warming climate change if it is happening at all. We're not going to be able to stop it.

The weak-tea Nazis on the left know it. At least their leaders do. But then, Nazis never care about saving the planet. They just want to run it.

Aside: I was going to leave the word "Nazi" out of the title, but since it's thrown around by the left so much and they own the thing ideologically, I figured I'd put it there and see what happened. Click-baitery? Yeah. Sometimes I sink pretty low.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Peter Strzok And Nathan Bedford Forrest

Why in the world do congressional committees interrogate people? I mean, I can understand if it's a budget issue and the agency in question is mismanaging the money given them by Congress, but why are they acting like prosecutors with swine like Peter Strzok?

I read an autobiography of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the famous Confederate cavalry leader. Among his many victories was his capture of Fort Pillow. Yes, that's the real name of the place, Fort Pillow. All I can think of is guys hitting each other with bags full of goose down and feathers flying all over the place.

Ahem. I seem to have digressed.

The Federals defending Fort Pillow included a unit of colored troops who were allegedly massacred by Forrest's men. Whether or not it happened and whether or not Forrest controlled it is a murky issue. It was played up in the North and at the end of the war, Congress held inquiries about it. Forrest was brought before a congressional committee just like Peter Strzok was this week. And just like Strzok, Forrest lied to them. He didn't even bother to keep his stories consistent during his testimony.

In the end, the committee ran out of time for the hearings and nothing came of it. Nothing ever does. Nothing will come from Strzok's testimony, either. To my mind, everyone associated with Hillary's emails and the subsequent investigation is a criminal and should be prosecuted. That's not going to happen in Congress. Instead, we get this grandstanding rubbish followed by each side's partisans pulling out the portions that make their team look best. Strzok and his cronies walk and the nation is no better off.

Please, can we do away with these?

The capture of Fort Pillow. I think.

Friday, July 13, 2018

The Statue Ate My Homework

I had a Twitter conversation the other day with someone who was complaining about conservative racists. I shared this little graphic with him.
He was actually sane and we had a pleasant discussion. In the end, we followed each other and agreed that the goal was a color-blind society. He was willing to admit that the vast majority of conservatives were not racist. I had some help from another person on Twitter who, fortunately, took a gentle approach to the thing. It was all good

Still, it made me think about what was happening. The racialist used the now-familiar trope of tiki torch-waving, racist nutjobs as examples of all conservatives. After I pointed out that using a self-selecting, fringe group of, say, 100 people as indicative of what's happening with 350,000,000+ people was a bad idea, I started wondering just why any of us ever saw them as representative of something larger.

Why do the tiki goons and statues and flags get all that press? It's a giant misdirection play.

If we ever stopped focusing on racism, we'd have to confront sexual morality. The real problem is babies before marriage, not statues. The racism cant isn't about people of color, it's about us not wanting to talk about the birds and the bees.

At 75% illegitimacy, a culture is simply screwed. No one can get ahead because no one has two dedicated parents to teach the self-denial and self-control. The parents can't take time off work to improve their skills and get better jobs. Parents can't make it to conferences with teachers. Young men grow up without discipline and fall back into violence and crime. It's what men do in the absence of discipline and expectations. See also: Illiterate German barbarians sacking Rome instead of building Berlin.

So we talk about statues and flags and who might have said the Forbidden Word eighteen years ago while drunk at a cocktail party as a magician's trick. We all look here at the distraction instead of there where the switcheroo is taking place. We keep doing it because we start our conversations with the topics handed to us by the media, the academy and entertainment.

If you want a better world, you need a better culture. Statues, flags and a hundred nitwits aren't the problem. Our inability to discuss the realities of biology and parenting is.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Another Example Of Hipster Hoodwinkery and Organic Tricksterism

I went to a Starbucks this morning to hook up with some of my Catholic homies and talk Jesusification. Not wanting to consume any more caffeine, I went with a green slurry. This green slurry, to be precise.

I thought, "This is gonna be great! It's got to be filled with nutrition because it's all green and murky!" I did wonder about the chlorella, though. Was it the early stage of cholera? Who knew?

What I did discover was that I would have been better off drinking some Hi-C made from a powder using tap water. Here's the nutritional information.

It had some fiber and a little bit of Vitamin C. Not much, though. It set me back a few bucks and looked like pond scum. In exchange for that, I received ... sweet-tasting fluid with a bitter aftertaste that resembled grass clippings.


Stupid hipsters. They get taken in by this rubbish all the time. Snake oil is what it was.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Men Are Stupid

... that's what we learn from this article.
Intelligent women should consider marrying less clever men if they want to start a family, according to researchers.

There are simply not enough brainy men to go round... (W)omen may be slow to follow Professor Inhorn’s advice as her own research also shows that hypogamy or ‘marrying down’ is unpopular with women.

‘They didn’t want to marry or partner with someone less educated and of lower socio-economic status,’ she said. ‘They wanted equality in their relationship.’ In fact, another study co-authored by Professor Inhorn found women often desired men from a higher socio-economic level.
That's it. That's the whole of the article. Do you notice anything missing? Yep. There's no mention of what men want.

It reminds me of the old joke about the dog food company that came up with a new flavor and marketed it with tons of advertising money, but no matter what they did, it just wouldn't sell. Finally, some young executive said, "Maybe the dogs just don't like the taste of it."

Maybe all those degrees aren't super attractive to men. I don't know about you, but I was looking for a wife, not a partner for a law firm. I admire the accomplishment, but my wife doesn't have one and I think she was a great catch.

And then there's the condescension. I'm sure it's a real turn-on to learn that your girlfriend is "settling." Oh yeah, that's a winner. "I guess I love you, even though you're not all that clever." Golly! Thanks!

In the end, isn't this what we wanted? Isn't this what we've been striving to achieve - more women with degrees and professional careers and fewer men with them? What's wrong with that?


Monday, July 09, 2018

Floris van Schooten, Early Food Blogger

Yesterday, trying to escape the current heat wave here in sunny San Diego, we went to the art museum. There, we came into contact with the work of Floris van Schooten, food blogger.

Last night's noms, ca 1645.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

The Novel We Need To Read

The news media doesn't tell you the news. It serializes chapters from a novel it wants you to hear.
The reason those (heavily slanted stories) were written (by the news media) ... was that they were the next chapter in the story (they were) telling you. Just like a regular novel, there are stories going on all around the hero, but it's the hero's story and one story in particular that is laid out in the book. It's not even the most important story, either.
What story should we be reading instead of the one the media feeds us? Last time, I said it needed to be about sex because there's something dreadfully wrong with our culture. Despite the benign environment, we're not reproducing. That's a huge telltale that something is broken. On this blog, I've ranted for years about the decline of the traditional family and all of the pernicious effects that causes. A healthy media, desiring a healthy culture, would be telling that story.

More of this, please!
©Zdenka Darula - Adobe Stock Images)
Imagine that instead of trying to push a political viewpoint, the media wanted healthier and happier children, higher family incomes, less crime, fewer people on drugs, fewer people in prison and better performance in school. What novel would they serialize? Certainly not the one they're doing now. Think of all the rags-to-riches stories you could find out there among stable, married, traditional families. There are millions of them. If they wanted to choose only the sensational and photogenic, so be it.

When we saw Dr. Jordan Peterson a while back, the last question in the Q&A session was about all of the left-wing violence and public shaming we're seeing. Asked what caused it, he replied that sometimes you look at the end result, the actual product of the actions and wonder if that's not what was intended in the first place.

Maybe instead of wanting healthier and happier children, higher family incomes, less crime, fewer people on drugs, fewer people in prison and better performance in school, the media wants conflict and violence.

Hey, they're reading us the current novel for  reason.

Saturday, July 07, 2018

Drying Herbs In A Desert Is Easy

... even if it's a coastal desert like San Diego.

Our oregano and rosemary have become weeds. I offered to dry some for friends and yesterday it hit 105 here. I cut some, washed it off and then put it on cookie sheets on top of our spa cover. I didn't bother to shake off the excess water. It evaporated in 20 minutes and by the end of the day, the oregano and rosemary were thoroughly dry and ready to give away.

The cookie sheets hit 150 degrees. They were so hot that I needed to pick them up with a towel and that was at the end of the day. I can only imagine how hot they were around noon. Yowsers!

Mmm. Delicious spaghetti sauces are on the way!

Friday, July 06, 2018

We Should Read More Novels About Sex

A lot more.

The news media does not tell you the day's important news. Instead, it serializes the novel it wants you to read, feeding it to you bit by bit.
The reason those (heavily slanted stories) were written (by the news media) ... was that they were the next chapter in the story (they were) telling you. Just like a regular novel, there are stories going on all around the hero, but it's the hero's story and one story in particular that is laid out in the book. It's not even the most important story, either.

During the course of a Harlequin romance novel, where Theresa is wondering if Brian is thinking about Muriel while he strokes her hair and tells her sweet lies, there are other things going on in the world. China is building up a military presence in Southeast Asia and Iran is spinning centrifuges while British police officers are arresting English fathers for objecting to Muslims raping their daughters. You don't need to know any of that, this is a story about Theresa, Brian and Muriel. For all it matters, Pakistan and India could be trading nukes and annihilating millions, but what matters to the story is Brian's fidelity to Theresa in the face of slutty Muriel's advances.
I get my news from the Wall Street Journal and then a wide smattering of blogs, Twitter feeds, podcasts and other sources. I also read a lot of non-fiction books, preferably written before 1960. Right now, I'm thoroughly enjoying Recollections and Letters of General Robert E. Lee, written by one of his sons. It's like it came from another planet, it's so different from the images conjured up in the novel we're being told by the news media.

When I do tune in to the news media, typically from questions about current events asked by my wife, they always come at me from left field. I always wonder why we're even bothering to talk about the subjects the MSM covers, they're so irrelevant.

I often feel the same way about the podcasts I follow. The podcasters might be independent thinkers, but most of the topics are reactive to the day's news which is chosen by ...  the MSM. So even when you get a different take on the same story, the MSM is still choosing the subject. Their subjects are almost all pointless.

So what should we be talking about?

Sex. There should be lots and lots of talk about sex. I don't mean just the act, I mean the preliminary courtships, the relationships, the pregnancies or lack thereof, the babies and the families. It should be the number one topic of conversation because it is an existential issue in so many ways. Consider this.
I also just described Japan, Russia and now, America. I did not describe Islam.
Marseilles is roughly 30% Muslim. I don't know the stats for Nice, but as Nice is nearby, it's reasonable to assume a similar population.

The Muslims in France are having babies. The French are not. That means that the newborns in Marseilles and Nice are probably split about 50-50. You can't have any more 21-year-olds in 20 years than you have 1-year-olds today. Marseilles and Nice are within sight of Muslim parity and then majority...

If I was a French father and husband in Marseilles or Nice, I'd be seriously looking at moving north. You make different calculations when you've got a family to protect than you do when you're a member of the political, artistic or academic elite. They can talk and talk and talk about multiculturalism and lone wolves and legal processes, but when it's your wife and children, those words mean nothing. That 50-50 split mentioned above isn't going to take 20 years if the French start fleeing north.
We aren't discussing this at all. Instead, we talk about Global Warming Climate Change which is of unknown importance instead of this which is existential to our way of life. We talk about racism which is at best a third-order problem, but not about the destruction of the traditional family. We talk about civility, but not biological sex roles. None of those topics have any real meaning. Instead, we ought to be talking about sex.

Maybe it's too much to expect eunuchs to discuss the creation of healthy babies with promising futures.

Thursday, July 05, 2018

End The Public Education Monopoly!

... or at least take steps to see that our children don't grow up to be insufferable ignoramuses. At a recent party, while watching Jeopardy as a group, a young family member shot out a reply to a question that the answer was "a dead, white male!" He works at SDSU and is thoroughly steeped in modern, campus thought.

I replied that he might want to show a little more respect to dead, white males as they invented everything he uses today. He replied with a very short list of things invented by others. As far as I could tell all of them were predicated on the civilization built by those dead, white males, so his list was derivative at best.

Now dig this.
I'm betting my readers get the joke. Poor @Afsaneh_J appears to have missed it. At the risk of being a self-serving bore, allow me to quote myself.
I'd suggest that instead of hating slavery, racism and imperialism, we hate success. To borrow this tidbit again from Hilaire Belloc,
Whatever happens we have got
The Maxim Gun, and they have not.
It's hard to imagine that the Turks, the Mongols or even the peaceful, living-in-harmony-with-nature Apache would have eschewed the use of the Maxim Gun if they'd had access to them.

Instead of getting wound up about one warlike empire among many, we might want to ask ourselves why the Europeans developed the technologies they did. And no, "Because slavery!" isn't the answer. Everyone had slaves, but only the Christian, white, Europeans developed almost all of the technologies we use today.
 My bet is that @Afsaneh_J is completely unaware of the history of the Aztecs. Or the Ottomans, the Mongols, the Ashanti, the Incas, the Caribes and all of the others. I recall my daughter being shocked to find that America's black slaves were sold into slavery by their fellow Africans. That certainly wasn't in her history textbooks!

I find it exhausting to read through tweets like the one above and the all of the derivative ones wherein dead, white males are excoriated for succeeding. I wonder if we'll ever get tired enough of it to spank the education industry into behaving. They certainly could use some firm discipline.

Here, Edmund Burke takes a switch to the backside of an SDSU professor to punish him for teaching absolute twaddle.

Wednesday, July 04, 2018

George Washington At A BBQ

... would tip his hat to you and wish you a happy Fourth of July!

Whom am I to argue with the great man? Hope you have a fun day and God bless America!

Tuesday, July 03, 2018

History Changes Its Mind

Remember back when we were on the right side of history letting everyone cross our southern border? Yes, we had laws, but Barack Obama refused to enforce them because, you know, that's not who we were and the Arc of History was bending towards Justice and all.

History is a fickle mistress.

Merkel is getting pummeled in Germany for leaving the doors wide open.
BERLIN— Angela Merkel’s fight to secure her shaky coalition faced a new hurdle on Tuesday as the German chancellor moved to persuade her center-left allies to back tighter immigration rules.

After two weeks of wrangling that brought her government close to a collapse, the German leader and her rebellious interior minister reached a compromise late on Monday on measures that would make it easier for police to expel some migrants who turn up at Germany’s southern border.
Italy is telling the NGOs rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean just where to go.
MILAN -- Italy's populist, anti-migrant interior minister said Friday that Malta should allow a Dutch-flagged rescue ship carrying hundreds of migrants rescued from rubber dinghies off the Libyan coast to make port there because the ship is now in Maltese waters. "We ask humanly and politically that Malta finally opens one of its ports and lets these desperate people disembark," and then seize the ship, Salvini said.
I love CBS' anti-Italian bigotry*.  The Italian interior minister is "anti-immigrant?" Err, I don't think so. He's anti-illegal-immigrant, you hopeless purveyors of fake news and enemies of free people everywhere.

Meanwhile, the polls show that Americans are pretty supportive of being tough at the US border, so long as the kids don't get thrown in dungeons or whatever it was that was supposed to be happening.

So just what happened to being on the right side of History? Hmm. Maybe History had a little talk with Douglas Murray.

* - Hey, two sides can play the over-the-top labeling game, you know.

Monday, July 02, 2018

Dogs Don't Like Hockey

... at least our dogs don't. Dig this.

When you consider this was playoff hockey, it tells you all you need to know about their level of interest in the sport.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

What If The Supreme Court Ruled On The Existence Of God?

Recently, I blogged something I think was profound*.
Imagine that Trump nominates a young, strict constructionist. Imagine further that Roe v Wade and gay marriage are overturned and sent back to the states for local rulings and the possibility of amending the constitution. What does it really mean?

It means that the people will be given a choice about these key elements of their culture and their lives. It's not the Supreme Court's culture and it's not your culture or my culture, it's our culture and a strict constructionist will hand the power back to us. That's a very, very good thing.
The two rulings causing the most hysteria among the progressives are abortion and gay marriage. Like the existence of God, both are rulings on unanswerable questions.

What is a marriage? Is it defined by biology or emotions? Both sides have merit. Both can be strongly held by well-intentioned people and defended with sound logic and fact..

When does life begin? When the egg is fertilized? When the heart starts beating? When the child can feel pain? When it is born? When it can be considered sentient? Any one of these is defensible. Any one can be strongly held by well-intentioned people and defended with sound logic and fact.

Why are ambiguous questions that define key parts of our culture being decided by 5 people and forced upon 325,000,000? If the questions can be answered in multiple ways without "hate" or illogic, then one answer is as valid as another. The dudes and dudettes on the Supreme Court aren't going to come up with the killer arguments that put those questions to bed once and for all because those arguments do not exist. The Supremes are not supremely wise, they just have the training, experience and position to rule on laws. That's not the same as cultural omniscience.

I am fundamentally opposed to both abortion and gay marriage, but I would find them easier to accept if the citizens of my state voted to make them legal. At least then I wouldn't feel like I was living in a 5-person dictatorship. And frankly, I can't respect 5 people who think they can answer eternal paradoxes definitively for all the rest of us. That's obnoxious.

The real question at hand is not whether this or that ruling will be upheld or overturned, it's this: Who gets to rule on hopelessly ambiguous cultural matters, the 325,000,000 of us or the 5 of them?

Here, we see members of the Supreme Court paying a visit on our elected officials so they can issue a ruling upon the rest of us.

* - Hey, even an ideologically blinded blogger finds an acorn now and again. Although just what that blogger would do with the acorn once he found it is beyond me.

Friday, June 29, 2018

You're Horrible Just The Way You Are!

Last night, one of our sons and I went to hear Jordan Peterson talk on his 12 Rules for Life. It was good fun and very Jordan-Petersony. That is, it was erudite, informative, well-considered and nearly without organization. His talks have a semi-Brownian motion aspect to them and he can wander off into a sidebar for quite a while before getting back to his topic. His sidebars are as good as the intended content, so it's no loss when he does it.

The Professor made a ton of good points and we made superhuman efforts to remember them. I heard a lot of focus on goals and my son heard a lot of focus on responsibility. Here's one that really struck me.

You're not perfect the way you are. In fact, you're a hot mess.

If you were perfect the way you are, why not just die now? After all, things can't get any better, can they?

If you're not perfect, the follow-up is that you have so much potential. With effort, a few decades from now, you'll be a whole lot better than you are now.

What occurred to me was that's a message of hope whereas telling someone they're perfect is a message of hopeless nihilism. No one really thinks they're perfect. We all know our faults. In fact, a lot of us focus too much on those faults. If we thought that we were perfect the way we were, that we would couldn't improve from the sinful, frequently wrong creature we are now, we'd despair. If we think that there is a future ahead where things get better due to our efforts, we can have hope and joy for life.

There. Pretty deep stuff. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 28, 2018

No Kennedy, Know Peace

I had a couple more thoughts yesterday about the Kennedy retirement from the Supreme Court, most of them optimistic.

Imagine that Trump nominates a young, strict constructionist. Imagine further that Roe v Wade and gay marriage are overturned and sent back to the states for local rulings and the possibility of amending the constitution. What does it really mean?

It means that the people will be given a choice about these key elements of their culture and their lives. It's not the Supreme Court's culture and it's not your culture or my culture, it's our culture and a strict constructionist will hand the power back to us. That's a very, very good thing.

You can hate on people all day if you aren't selling to them. You can call them racists, suppress their speech, harass and dox them, scream at them, drive their speakers from campuses and attack them in restaurants if you don't have to later try to persuade them to agree with you in the voting booth.

By taking major cultural decisions out of the hands of the people, the Supreme Court did away with many of the reasons the progressives had to behave in a civil manner. Why not howl that everyone who supported Trump was a racist if the big items were off the table? Who cared if you lost another governorship or legislature when you had the courts as your ultimate weapon? Able to crush Christian businesses and drive conservatives out of auditoriums and employment, the red tide at the local level was a relatively minor irritant. That changes when the big items are put back in play.

Yes, the campaigns will be loud and sometimes nasty, but if they want to win, the Democrats will have to reign in the violent and oppressive left. That's a lesson they're going to have to re-learn over time. Right now it's beyond them and they're going to keep calling for everything up to and including riots and physical intimidation. In the end, however, you'd think that a series of failures and the loss of prized "rights" would make them rethink the destructive path they're on right now.

I'm guessing that calling us deplorable won't work.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Justice Kennedy And Dialing Things Up To 17

So Justice Kennedy is retiring. If it looks like he will be replaced by a constitutional conservative along the lines of Gorsuch, Thomas and Alito, we could very well see gay marriage and abortion threatened. If you think the violent rhetoric, the physical attacks and the intimidation from the progressives are bad now, just wait. They're going to positively lose their minds. Forget turning it up to 11, they're going to turn it up to 17.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


I need to take a break from the accelerating calls for intimidation and assaults on conservatives. I had a blog post on that, but instead I'll share one of my favorite Hillsong United's songs with you.

You met me at the sinners table
I found You waiting by the well, unexpected
You are always there
Tracing all my steps
Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Monday, June 25, 2018

This Is Some Crazy Stuff

Apparently, attacking right-wing fascist bigots* on social media isn't enough any more. Now we must attack them in person. Not physically, of course. Well, not yet at least. And assuming that they don't feel threatened enough to escalate things. We're also limiting it to cabinet-level officials. For now.
In Scott Adams' podcast yesterday, he said he was now afraid to do public appearances. He didn't reference this lunatic, but instead referenced a different lunatic. There seems to be no shortage of progressive lunatics urging violence these days.

What really blew me away was that Scott, no Republican or conservative and generally a level-headed sort, said, "They're coming for you next." He suggested that as the Republicans' mid-term slogan to get out the vote.

* - This means you, whoever you are and whatever you believe. With as fast as the list of hate crimes punishable by screaming attacks is growing, the odds of you violating one of them is asymptotically approaching 100%.

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Politics And Indigestion

So the Red Hen restaurant kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders out to make a political point. They're standing with the Resistance or something like that. Commentary seems to be running 50-50 on the topic and it's not clear if they will see a drop in business as they may well become a darling of the progressives.

Even if I were politically aligned with them, why would I ever want to go there? I don't want political discussions are dinner in my own house, much less in a restaurant. I certainly don't want to be around a bunch of people who are making political statements with their every action.

This is a natural consequence of an ever-growing State. Governments are run through politics and politics is arguing. The bigger and more intrusive the government, the more we are going to argue with each other. Now we're yelling about which restaurant is serving which side. You can't watch the NFL without political commentary. You can't watch an entertainment awards show without it. Now we're bringing that same love and joy to eating out?

Great. Just great.

Saturday, June 23, 2018


It's a photoblog kind of day. One of our sons is getting married and the house will be buzzing soon, so this is all the time I can spare.

As an aside, we love the bride. She's a lovely girl and she likes my fried chicken and biscuits. What more do you need to know? :-)

I took this shot a couple of weeks ago in my mom's garden and it made me realize that the downside to a phone camera is that you just don't get anything other than basic shots with it. Or maybe it's just that I don't. With my Nikon D60 artillery piece, I feel inspired to blast away and try different things, but with the phone it's all about shooting once or twice and moving on.

In any case, mom's prize roses are still prizes and so is she. Enjoy!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Porn Is More Important Than Pay

... to women.

If you ask a divorced woman which would she rather have had through the bad parts of her marriage, the divorce and her single aftermath, a 10% raise or a better husband, she's going to say a better husband. I don't even need to look that up or reference a study, it's just a fact.

Dig this graphic from an article in Science.

In case you're wondering, the research showed that it was more than correlation, porn was actually causal. Marriages are being destroyed because of it.

We talk a lot about the pay gap, which may or may not exist. We don't talk much about porn and the way in which it damages marriages, which absolutely does happen and in large numbers with greater effects than any pay gap.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

The Downside To The Trump Economy

... is increased rush-hour traffic.

Without traffic, it takes me about 30 minutes to get to and from work. These days, it's taking close to an hour to get home. The increase has been easy to detect and it wasn't until yesterday, when I had plenty of time in the car to think about it, that I figured it out.

Lower unemployment means more people going to work. More people going to work means more traffic.

I wonder if everyone is seeing more traffic these days.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Separating Families

... is just the next chapter in the novel we're all supposed to be reading together.

So the media and the Democrats, but I repeat myself, are howling about separating illegal immigrant families at the border. It's all the rage, emphasis on rage. We've been doing it for years, far back into the Obama Administration, if not further. There are plenty of high-profile Democrats on record in interviews talking about it and not in breathless outrage.

If everyone knew about it all along and it wasn't a scandal then and it's a scandal now, the family separations can't be the real issue. It's only the latest chapter in the novel. This time the novel is plainly obvious as this chapter was preceded by a viral image of children in a cage that was proven to be from the Obama days.


I guess I'm supposed to show how much I care by ranting in high dudgeon, or perhaps even strato dudgeon, about how this is inhumane and it needs to stop and blah blah blah.

I dunno, how about if we keep doing it so word gets out not to bring your kids on a cross-desert trip to break into my country? Wouldn't it be better to not have any kids at all trying to get in illegally? I'm not hearing much about the kids making the trek across Mexican states that are embroiled in drug wars and terrain that is inhospitable for experienced hikers much less small children.

So if we didn't care then and we don't care about the kids making the trip, what are we really discussing? Oh, right. Political talking points.


Monday, June 18, 2018

Volkswagen For The Win!

I am totally in love with VW's World Cup ad campaign. This is one of my favorites. The Argentinians make me laugh every time.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Is The Racialism Thing Just About Played Out?

I get the feeling more and more lately that the racialist moment is ending. The Asian-American lawsuit against Harvard looks airtight. Dig this graph.

The Ivy League is clearly practicing racial discrimination against Asians and, if you read the data beyond just this graph, whites as well. If the Asians manage to get the admittance rules changed for them, it will have to change for everyone and that's a good thing.

People who work hard should be rewarded and not just for their own sake. They make us all better as we have to compete with them. Were I surrounded by slovenly louts, I probably wouldn't be listening to non-fiction books all the time. I wouldn't feel the need to up my game.

What's going on now is a good thing.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

On Grooming A Pandora Station

I love Pandora. Here in the Catican Compound, we have about 40 Pandora stations, one for every mood and cuisine. It works on our Amazon Echo as well as our Sonos sound system. We also like to groom our Pandora stations, giving thumbs up and thumbs down to songs we like and songs we don't. The end result has been not quite what we expected.

I recently made a Confederate Railroad station. We're going to go see them in concert in a few weeks and even my Yankee wife has become a big fan. I've listened to the station at work and groom it as it plays. It now only plays a rotation of about 20 songs. The odds of it playing something I haven't heard are practically nil.

I get that Pandora wants to keep me happy, to keep me as a customer, but seriously, guys, I'm not going to bolt if I hear something less than stellar. In retrospect, I probably should have only used the thumbs-down and not the thumbs-up. That might have been the killer as all I'm getting now are my favorites.

Oh well. While you ponder that, here's one of our favorites. Enjoy!

Friday, June 15, 2018

Didn't We See This Movie Already?

Following up on yesterday's post where I suggested that the news media is simply serializing a novel they want you to read and not actually reporting on the whole of reality, I'd suggest that it extends to the arts as well.

Back in the 1950s, the western reigned supreme. If you wanted to watch a sci-fi flick, for example, your choices were limited to giant monsters scaring teens and the very occasional rocket ship to Venus sort of thing. All of them were low budget efforts and never had any of the big names.

These days, it's all social justice all the time. Cute, skinny chicks beating up on big guys, people of varying alternative persuasions overcoming oppressive, white, cis-normal racists and the like. In many cases, the movies are set in the past so they can bring in Jim Crow and cultural sexism to make sure you get the point.

I've gotten to where I can't watch them any more because I can't tell them apart. In the civil rights movies, there's always a scene where the white racists come out of church and then a few minutes later are using the n-word or beating up the protagonist. There's always a scene where some big, white guy says, "You trying to cause trouble, boy?" to which the hero replies in an innocent, squeaky voice, "No, Mr. Johnson, I just want to be the best badminton player I can be!"

Last night, we watched an episode of The Bletchley Circle which is the story of the first Eskimo tennis star. Or maybe it's about a gay teen growing up in 1952 Kansas. Or it could be a group of women who worked together decrypting Nazi transmissions in WW II and now solving crimes as a group. I think it's the latter. I fell asleep pretty early, but not before one of the cis-gendered white men derisively dismissed the work of one of the women who had clearly solved a Nazi cryptogram.

Good Lord, haven't we seen this movie already about a thousand times?

So instead of Black Bart rustling cattle or Miss Ellen Sue losing her farm to the unscrupulous cloned sheep rancher, it's social justice morality plays over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. I don't have a problem with westerns or with social justice stories any more than I have a problem with oatmeal. I just don't want to eat it morning, noon and night.

Here we see either the small-town sheriff trying to fight off the bad guys or a Southern christian about to keep a transgendered Latinx off the women's water polo team.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

You Aren't Reading The News

Instead, you're being told a story.

On travel, at a Starbucks, my eyes wandered over a New York Times in a rack. Their Korea headline had something about Trump's dangerous gamble or something like that. Coming back to the hotel, another newspaper's above-the-fold story showed the Pope holding a black child and had a headline telling us that the Pope wanted more lenient immigration laws.

The first one was silly. Prior to the summit, the Norks were flinging missiles all over the place and detonating atomic bombs. Now they aren't. To my mind, missiles plus nukes is more gamble-y than no missiles and no nukes. I couldn't figure out why anyone would write a headline about Trump's gamble under those circumstances, but there it was in the NYT.

The Pope story really hit me. The Pope says a lot of things. I'm no fan of Francis, but he's also said things about abortion. I seriously doubt the newspaper in question has ever run an above-the-fold story with the Pope holding a black child with a headline saying he thought we should stop slaughtering black babies by the hundreds of thousands. And yet he has said that and it is a far more defining feature of Catholicism and representative of the Pope than immigration is.

The reason those headlines were written with the supporting stories attached was that they were the next chapter in the story the newspaper was telling you. Just like a regular novel, there are stories going on all around the hero, but it's the hero's story and one story in particular that is laid out in the book. It's not even the most important story, either.

During the course of a Harlequin romance novel, where Theresa is wondering if Brian is thinking about Muriel while he strokes her hair and tells her sweet lies, there are other things going on in the world. China is building up a military presence in Southeast Asia and Iran is spinning centrifuges while British police officers are arresting English fathers for objecting to Muslims raping their daughters. You don't need to know any of that, this is a story about Theresa, Brian and Muriel. For all it matters, Pakistan and India could be trading nukes and annihilating millions, but what matters to the story is Brian's fidelity to Theresa in the face of slutty Muriel's advances.

That's the state of the modern media. They are there to tell you a story, not tell you the news. Oh sure, one of the largest annual marches in DC is the March for Life, but that's not part of the novel, so they leave it out just like the Harlequin author leaves out drug-gang murders in Mexico. Yes, they're happening, but that's not relevant to the development of the plot.

Never add things to a story that don't advance the plot!

So there you have it. If you see newspapers and TV news as a serialization of the novel the MSM wants you to read, it makes more sense and you can stop yelling at them about not covering or badly covering important events. You'll feel better when you do.

"Yes, Brian?"
"Italian bonds just turned into mounds of  worthless paper and Deutsche Bank is totally insolvent."
"Oh my goodness. That makes the Nigerian unrest even more unstable as Star Africa Commodities & Minerals Limited will need to liquidate some of their holdings to make up for unredeemable deposits!"
"Good Lord. That's just what Muriel was saying."
(I knew it! He's still seeing that witch!)

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

President Trump As Obi-Wan Kenobi

Yesterday, I watched the video that President Trump showed Kim Jung Un at the start of their meeting. I thought it was brilliant.

Two things jumped out at me.
  1. Notice how Kim is the hero of the story and Trump is his guide to achieving his goal. This is one of the most important lessons from Building a Story Brand. Kim is Trump's prospect and he's trying to sell him peace and demilitarization. When you sell, you are the guide, helping the hero, your customer, achieve their goals. You are not the hero of the story nor is your product. You are Obi-Wan and your customer is Luke. You will sell them what they need to succeed and then fade into the background while they win the day. This video was absolutely brilliant in doing that.

  2. Kim is shown as Trump's equal. A fat, little kid who runs a giant prison camp where only one city has reliable electricity is the equal of the American president, a TV star and a larger-then-life billionaire playboy. The video played to Kim's ego and his undoubtedly unsatisfied desire for more adulation, more money, more fame. It said that Donald Trump saw him as a great man just waiting to take his rightful place in history which could only happen if he made the right choices. Pure genius.
I thought Trump was going to overwhelm Kim and if this video is any guide, he did just that.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Swallowing Toads

I'm in DC on travel and came down to the hotel lobby to see this.

I remarked on Twitter that it looked like the MSNBC hosts had been swallowing toads all night. I didn't notice the chyron about "people who worked in the Obama Administration." Good luck trying to get the American people to believe that this historic summit was somehow due to Obama.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Maybe Actors And Academics Aren't Representative Of The Population As A Whole

After a week of intersectional feminism/racism/gender crises which included a case where a school essay had to be scrubbed because it had triggering words that might offend transgendered Eskimo midgets*, famous actor Robert de Niro participated in a widely-watched practically invisible awards show for entertainers giving prizes to each other by screaming obscenities at the president.

I don;t think he was arguing against bimetalism here.
Meanwhile, the president is doing what many had considered impossible for anyone and negotiating nuclear disarmament in Korea. In addition to that, he's starting a process of pardoning blacks who are in prison for non-violent offenses, leading to scenes like this one.

I'm guessing that right about now, Democratic Party election consultants are starting to wonder if throwing their lot in with Hollywood and the Ivy League was such a good idea.

* - OK, I don't have any evidence this happened, but you have to admit, you wouldn't have been surprised if it had.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Someone Has A Weird Dad

Dig this display unit I saw at a store recently.

Flax seed bars, rice crackers and granola are perfect for dad? Who's dad? Certainly no dad I know. There better be beer and pork products wrapped for me on Father's Day or someone's going to be in a lot of trouble!

Saturday, June 09, 2018

I Think It's Time To Leave San Diego For A While

Billboards like this are popping up all over town.

Uh oh.
I've seen enough Japanese documentaries to know how these super reptile things always end. The running and screaming and being eaten - it's just not fitting in with my plans right now. I also don't want to find myself with my lips moving out of sync with my voice, you know what I mean?

I figure I can come back around July 20th. Things should have calmed down by then.

Friday, June 08, 2018

Anxiety Dog

... has anxiety issues.

Leah, the larger of our two Chihuahua mixes, is also part Portuguese Podengo Pequeno. Here's what VetStreet has to say about them.
The lively Podengo is an alert and intelligent dog whose watchful nature helps ensure that you will always know what’s going on around your home, both inside and out.
Here's what the AKC has to say.
Bred originally for rabbit hunting, the energetic Portuguese Podengo Pequeno requires brisk daily exercise. They have a rightful reputation for being tough and tireless. Playing in a large fenced yard, a vigorous walk daily, participation in agility or obedience trials, or hunting can provide the needed activity. They should only be allowed loose within safely fenced areas—as hunters, their instinct to follow their nose can get them into trouble quite quickly.
Mix that with a Chihuahua and you've got all the makings of a complete neurotic. Here's what she did last night.

Out of the trash, onto the floor and shredded in no time at all!
 Not a problem, you say? What if I told you she did it at 2 AM?

What kind of dog goes bonkers at 2 AM? Especially after a substantial walk the previous day. I'm not in favor of drugging either kids or pets, but we're seriously considering some anti-anxiety medicine for her.

She probably even dreams of zipping about the house, shredding things.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

From Frozen Chicken To Perfect BBQ In 90 Minutes

I came home the other night craving BBQ chicken and wanting to have friends over for dinner. I had thighs in the freezer, but nothing thawed. No worries, mate. We've got this covered.

I made a gallon of salt and brown sugar brine in a large pot and put it on the stove. I chucked two packages of thighs, 3 each, 6 total, still frozen together in thigh-bricks, into the brine. I added a pair of Cornish Game Hens that had been hiding out in the back of the freezer. They were little ice balls.

I turned on the heat and let it go, checking the temperature frequently. It plateaued around 85 degrees as the poultry thawed. After about 30 minutes, I could break the thigh-bricks apart and put them back in the brine. At about 40 minutes, I was able to pull out the hens and butterfly them. I put them back in the brine as well. I let the brine get to 120 degrees and then turned the heat down to low. I started the grill and prepared the rub described here.

NOTE: Don't use salt in your rub if you brine the chicken first. It totally oversalts the food! I did that and it almost wrecked the meal. The method described here was still good, but the salt was too much.

Once the charcoal on the grill was ready, I took the bird pieces out of the pot, applied the rub and put them on the grill. I only needed to partially char the skin as the meat was already at about 120. Once I colored the skins, I took them off direct flame, painted them with BBQ sauce and put the lid on the Weber to oven them for about 10 minutes.

And that was it. They came out perfectly, or would have had I not over salted the little brutes. Frozen to BBQ on the table in 90 minutes.


Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Progressives And Pets

I heard the audio from the video below on a podcast yesterday and it was absolutely fascinating. Watch the whole thing. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 05, 2018

The Europeans Did Not Conquer The Incas

... Francisco Pizarro and his goon squad did.

I'm currently making my way through The Great Age of Discovery: Volume I. I highly recommend it. Written in the 1950s, it is far superior to the politically correct History's Greatest Voyages of Exploration, which selectively edits history to make sure you end up hating the West and feeling sorry for the indigenous peoples who ended up on the losing side. More on that in a later blog post, perhaps.

Francisco did indeed whack the Incas. He showed up with a motley crew of brigands right on the heels of an Incan civil war, which was probably the only way that disease-riddled pack of thieves were going to stand a chance against the Incan Empire. He defeated the Incan King, Atahualpa, in a sneak attack at the Battle of Cajamarca,which was more of a simple massacre than anything else. Atahualpa himself was fresh off the field from defeating his brother and rival for the Incan crown. A while later, the Pizarro ruffians split into two factions and fought a civil war of their own at the Battle of Las Salinas.

In short, one faction after another fought over the same territory and the same wealth. That's not the point, it's just the lead up to this: the Spanish crown had about as much control over Pizarro as you do over the moon.

To travel from Spain to Peru, assuming you took the most direct route possible, would have taken about two months. King Charles I of Spain gave Pizarro permission to explore and conquer, but he had no direct control over him at all. The time it took to communicate saw to that. The conquistadors were effectively independent operators.

Previous failed efforts to conquer the Incas by Pizarro led the local governor of Panama to deny Pizarro permission to try again, after which Pizarro went over the governor's head to the king. King Charles probably figured he had nothing to lose as Pizarro would eventually find a sponsor anyway. Whatever imperial motives the king had, he was certainly also trying to use Pizarro's willingness to gamble his life to get something good for Spain out of it.

Meanwhile, the rest of Europe was unaware of Pizarro's existence, much less his exploits. If King Charles had no direct control over Pizarro, the "Europeans" couldn't have picked him out of a police lineup.

See where this leads? What's all this nonsense about the"Europeans" conquering the new world? At the time of the conquistadors, the work was done by semi-independent bands of adventurers who did their own thing as soon as they got out of earshot of the royal court. Given the multiple sides in the Incan-Pizarro conflict alone, it was more like Somali warlords duking it out over the territory and the loot than an organized invasion.

Pizarro's exploits in Peru against the Incas. Local Starbucks are shown on the map, indicating where Pizarro stopped to email King Chares I of Spain for further orders.

Monday, June 04, 2018

The Morality Of Global Warming

err, Climate Change, isn't as straightforward as you might thing. In the short video below, Dinesh D'Souza explains something I've been trying to say for a while. Dinesh is responding to a member of the audience who claims the Democrats are moral and uses Global Warming Climate Change as the example. "Why don't you err on the side of caution and do something good for the world's poor" is the gist of it.


Saturday, June 02, 2018

You Can't Legislate Affection

I was scrounging through my closet yesterday when I found a box of clothes. I hadn't remembered boxing anything like that up, so I looked into it. It was my old New Orleans Saints gear and then I recalled how it got there.
I've been a crazy N'awlins Saints since Mike Ditka led them to three straight 3-13 seasons way back when. I've listened to their games when they were horrible and when they won the Super Bowl, it was a religious experience. My closet and dresser is full of Saints gear. I love wearing it. No more. Until this passes away decisively, I'm putting it all away.

One more thing. The morons in the NFL think they're sending a message to Trump. Well, maybe they are, but they're sending a much, much bigger message to their fans. They're saying they want to go to war with the President and if we happen to get hurt badly in the cross fire, well, it sucks to be us.

No, boys. It's going to suck to be you. We can live just fine without you, but you're going to have a hard time living without us.
Today, there's a new poll out showing that the NFL is still in the doghouse.
The National Football League has done nothing to recover during the off season from it’s miserable popularity ratings that are now at the lowest ever.

Rocked by the issues of players taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem, overly long games, and scandalous players, just 35 percent say they have a favorable view of “America’s sport.”

According to an Economist/YouGov poll taken May 27-29 another 47 percent have an “unfavorable” view of the NFL.
The backlash was not about the kneeling per se, it was about what the kneeling revealed. They are two different things. When the NFL recently ruled that the players have to stand for the national anthem, it didn't mean that the ultra-wealthy kneelers suddenly loved our country, the ones we normals join the Army infantry to defend, it meant that they were going to be forced to show respect they didn't actually possess.

Before the kneeling protest, we fans had no idea some of the players hated us. Now we know and putting that genie back in the bottle is going to be terribly difficult. Masking their hatred through public pronouncements is showing us just how the mask is applied. Yesterday, the 49ers players hated you. Today, those same players still hate you, but will pretend not to hate you.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be interested in the NFL this season. It's too early to tell. We'll probably still watch Sunday Night Football because we love Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, but that might be about it.

Friday, June 01, 2018

Prediction: The Kim Summit Is Going To Be A Massacre

Something occurred to me out of the blue today about the upcoming RocketMan - Trump summit.

I left the Republican Party because they nominated Trump, an unscrupulous, self-dealing, dishonest mountebank. His past was littered with broken agreements, stiffed employees, shafted unions and swindled customers. I now see the error of my ways.

Oh, Trump is still an unscrupulous, self-dealing, dishonest mountebank, but he's our unscrupulous, self-dealing, dishonest mountebank. Who would you rather have negotiating for you than someone who can take the Teamsters and Longshoremen to the cleaners?

Meanwhile, the Norks have RocketMan, a little dude who has gotten everything he's ever wanted, is surrounded by sycophants and wins debates by using anti-aircraft guns on his opponents. He's never had to negotiate anything more than deciding which of his lapdogs to execute as an example to the other lapdogs to refrain from mutiny.

It's going to be a massacre.

"Kim, you're a tough cookie, my friend, I'll give you that. I don't think I've ever run across someone with as much talent as you and I've negotiated with the best, let me tell you. Just because I like you and I want to make sure you leave happy, I'm willing to give in and let you destroy all of your nukes, open your borders and sign a peace treaty with South Korea."

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Roseanne Barr Is How You Get Shocked By A Trump Win

So Roseanne joked that Obama crony Valerie Jarrett looked like someone from Planet of the Apes. That was enough to have her drawn and quartered, her dismembered body incinerated and the ashes thrown into a swamp. Or something like that.

Scott Adams had a good take on it, one I agree with, mostly. No one seriously thinks Roseanne is a racist. She might be a horrible person as a coworker and a boss, I don't know. She's certainly a ham-fisted comedian. I'd need a couple of beers to be able to watch her show, but I might find it funny after a few pops. She's crude and rough, but Scott (and I) don't see her as disingenuous. I'd say that there is almost no filter between her brain and her mouth or keyboard, in this case.

Roseanne realized her error and almost immediately posted an unqualified apology on her way to the gallows. It didn't do any good, she has now been erased from history.

Lately, in moments of boredom and sloth, I've taken to watching videos of the 2016 election night coverage where one pack of pundits after another watch in evolving horror and shock that Donald Trump is going to beat Hillary Clinton. No one saw it coming and as far as I can tell, they still don't know how or why they got surprised. Roseanne is why.

If a stupid joke from a television superstar leads to her annihilation even after a sincere and complete apology, why would Joe Sixpack ever venture to share an even mildly controversial opinion? You keep your head down and your mouth shut. When you get somewhere that is safe, you can talk (or vote), but in public, you say nothing.

That's how Trump shocked the world. The shock wasn't that Trump beat an unpopular harpy, it's that the public hid their opinions from the elites.

I wonder if Louis XVI and the French aristocracy were surprised when the peasants dispatched them.

CNN's Anderson Cooper in happier times.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

How To Win

I had something else in mind today, but then I came across an article in the WSJ describing how we're going after not just the Taliban, but their sources of money and production. Here's the snippet that blew me away, although it shouldn't have. Emphasis mine.
President Donald Trump’s South Asia strategy, announced in August, loosened restrictions on American operations in Afghanistan, an effort to break the stalemate in a war now in its 17th year. Under previous rules, for instance, U.S. aircraft could target militants if they were threatening or fighting allied troops. (Special-operations forces also direct airstrikes at key figures in insurgent and terror groups, such as Islamic State.)

Under the new strategic-bombing policy, U.S. jets can attack insurgents wherever they are found, and attempt to destroy Taliban weapons caches, command facilities and revenue sources.
In other words, we've decided to defeat the enemy instead of running a social justice hashtag campaign.

For the love of God, how is it possible that anyone thought you could win a war by allowing the enemy to pick the time and place of battle? Then again, wining wasn't something mentioned a whole lot in the Obama Administration.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

We Demand An Unconditional Surrender From Men!

... at least that's what I think when I read the stats about women being the majority of college students, receiving the majority of degrees and now this.

What's the end game? Apparently this isn't enough because I've yet to hear peace terms laid out by feminists. Attacks on masculinity and the "patriarchy" continue apace. The only thing I can think is that they won't rest until men have been utterly defeated and are forced into unconditional surrender.

Still, I look forward to the day when the feminists demand equality in jobs like these.

  • Sheet Metal Workers (97.4% men)
  • Brickmasons (99.3% men)
  • Roofers (99.4% men)
  • Mining Machine Operators (98.9% men)
  • Ground Maintenance Workers (94.1% men)

Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Memorial Day!

This is my first Memorial Day without my father who was a veteran of both Korea and Vietnam. It's a bit empty not having him around, telling his war stories. I guess I'll have to get used to that.

Pilots from  my dad's outfit in Korea, the 731st Bomb Squadron. He's not in the photo, but I'm sure he knew some of these guys.
Happy Memorial Day, Dad.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

What A Media Blackout Looks Like

The Center for Equal Opportunity posted a document recently showing that Asian-Americans are probably facing admittance discrimination from Harvard, MIT and other universities. CalTech, on the other hand, is admitting students without regard for race.

I read about it on a conservative website and then did a search to see how the major news media sites were handling it. I searched on "asian harvard mit caltech" and limited the results to the last week. Here's a screen shot of the top hits.

Notice anything odd?
After a couple of entries on the second page, there are no more hits on the topic of admittance discrimination. There were no hits at all from the major news sites, not even Fox. Also, there were no hits from any of the race-obsessed lefty sites. Only conservative / libertarian sites covered the news.

In a country that is marinating in racial issues, it's telling that this one is getting no play at all. It's kind of like the trial of Kermit Gosnell, the abortionist who was also one of the greatest mass-murderers in American history.

The seats set aside for the press in the courtroom were empty.
I guess some stories are more equal than others.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Alcohol, Porn and Morgan Freeman

Almost all boys are shy when it comes to asking a girl for a date. It's natural self-doubt that comes with being human. It's why alcohol is associated with meeting girls. "I need to have a few drinks to work up the courage to talk to her" is a common theme among men. It lowers your inhibitions and relaxes you so you can overcome your shyness. Listening to some AlAnon podcasts, it's something you hear repeated in lots of men's testimonies.

Morgan Freeman is a smooth operator. If he's not cool and self-confident, no one is. I've read a little about the recent accusations that he was guilty of sexual assault or abusive behavior and I just don't see it. Worse than that is the message it sends to guys. If Morgan Freeman's ultra-cool moves are considered sexual harassment, then my clumsy, uncertain ones are doomed.

If you're not going to date, there's always porn as a fallback. Porn is tremendously addictive. It's also a self-exterminating trap for society.

Courtship is a messy thing. I can recall wanting a first kiss with the woman who is now my wife, but being afraid to try. She told me later that she had been longing to be kissed by me. If we were logical beings, we'd simply come out and say what we wanted and there would be no need to have a few drinks or flirt. Drinks and flirting lead to misinterpretations, mistakes, embarrassment and ... Morgan Freeman being accused of sexual harassment.

So just what is a guy supposed to make of the Morgan Freeman situation? If I were unattached, it would raise my levels of self-doubt. That would lead to needing even more booze to ask someone out on a date or simply ditching the whole thing and consuming porn.

I don't think that's what we want.

Morgan Freeman. There isn't enough booze in the world to make you think you are this cool.