Sunday, October 08, 2017

I'm Not Sure About Uber

... not because the rides were bad or late, but because of what it allowed me to do.

I went to a bachelor party last night where we hit a pair of craft beer bars. The gang went on to a third and maybe more, but I bailed after two. Drinks were bought, the conversation was interesting and fun was had. Too much fun. Because I had taken Uber instead of driving, there was effectively no limit to what I could consume other than biochemistry. While I enjoyed the company, I didn't enjoy having too much to drink. I would have had a better time if I'd stopped at two pints.

Therein lies the trouble with Uber. It removes the guard rails completely. It's not just Uber, of course, it's taxis, Lyft and all the other ways of getting home without driving. A designated driver changes the equation because it means at least one member of the crew is stone cold sober and can act as a friendly conscience and try to prevent you from imbibing too freely. After all, it's his car that's going to get trashed if everyone is completely blotto.

While I love craft beer and having a good time with the lads, this just isn't my scene. The last time  I did something like this was about 30 years ago. I'm thinking another 30-year hiatus would be a good idea.

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ligneus said...

Ha ha! It's called getting old!

Got a funny pic appropriate to this but don't see how to add it.