Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Day Late And A Wampum Short

So yesterday was Indigenous Peoples Day when we celebrate the diversity that comes from digging for tubers in the dirt with sticks. Or something like that. A typical celebrant posted to Twitter an image of a gorgeous Indian Princess flipping the camera the bird with a predictable message directed at Christopher Columbus. The Native Babe was wearing makeup, had her eyebrows perfectly sculpted, delicate silver jewelry and elegant clothes made in a factory. Her teeth were perfect and white.

That's exactly the image you think of when you think of the pre-Columbus American Indians, isn't it?

I made a snarky reply, but upon further reflection, I could have come back with a two-word response.

Kumeyaay orthodontia.

Oh yeah, I'll bet dentistry with rocks as surgical implements was a big hit with the locals here in San Diego, circa 1490 AD. If that isn't a thing of great pride to throw in the face of the descendants of the Euro-invaders, nothing is.

Welcome to the office of Dr. Mokopa. Please be seated, the doctor will be with you soon.

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Foxfier said...

I does amaze me how my husband's family is supposed to be 100% modern liberals with perfectly up to the minute views-- but my ancestors being slave-hunting, torture-for-fun, rapist and kill the baby horrors as a matter of course is totally cool.