Sunday, September 24, 2017

Proposed Modifications To The Penn State Nittany Lion (Charizard) Fight Song

... as a follow up to yesterday's post suggesting we use Pokemon characters for team mascots to counteract the waves and waves of white supremacism sweeping across the country in the form of  team nicknames. You can find the original Penn State fight song lyrics here.

For Penn State, I suggested their team be renamed from the Nittany Lions, which conjures up images of animal cruelty, to the Charizards. Here's how their new fight song would read.
HAIL! to the Charizard, loyal and true.
HAIL! Alma Mater, with your fiery hue.
PENN! STATE! forever, molder of men (and women, lesbians, gays, transexuals, transgendered, bisexuals, questioning, gender fluid and declined to answer),
FIGHT! for her (or his, hir, mer, zir as you prefer) honor — FIGHT! — and victory again.

Indiana has its Bulbasaurs,
Purdue its gold and black.
The Voltorbs from Northwestern
and Magikarps on attack.
Ohio State has its Spinaraks,
Up north, The Larvitars.
But the mighty Charizards,
The best they’re ever are.
Really, there's no need to pay me. I do this as a public service.

I'm sure that if we worked hard enough, we could come up with a Brony angle on this. It seems pretty appropriate for a generation who can't abide sexual biology or aggressive, physical competitions.

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