Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Statue Must Go

After yesterday's fun and games in Charlottesville where white supremacists rioted over a Robert E. Lee statue, the statue has to go. I'm a huge fan of Lee and I find this recent desecration of his statues to be a thoroughly depressing statement of ignorance, but you can't allow violence to succeed or you'll get more of it. (See also: Baltimore.) The crazies have to be humiliated and demoralized as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

The conversation. A few years back, Attorney General Eric Holder called for a "national conversation on race." Well, we're having one now, aren't we? Isn't it loads of fun? Personally, I'm not terribly enlightened by the witty repartee between the Black Lives Matter / ANTIFA side and whatever it is these white swine call themselves.

Professor Jordan Peterson had a great characterization of race recently. He called it "the crudest possible way to classify people." That's probably obvious to the rest of you, but to me it succinctly summed up what I had felt: race is valueless in my life, giving no actionable information. For example, I'm writing this as I watch the Newcastle United game. If you came over now, I'd prefer you to be a sports fan so we could enjoy it together. Your race would mean nothing.

But they get to do it! Where do we want to be 5 years from now? Wouldn't it be great to talking about anything other than race-based political violence? That's only going to happen if we stop fighting about it. It doesn't matter if the score is uneven or the other side got to have the last riot. These cretins need to be thrown in jail, wholesale. The authorities didn't do that in Baltimore or Ferguson or Milwaukee and look what we got.

Enough. The Toon are finally back in the Premier League and they're holding up well this morning against a top-flight Tottenham side. The game is way more interesting than blogging about melanin violence so I'm signing off here. Have a nice day!


Tom said...

What gets me is how many people made the choice to attend the rally. The klan marched in Blacksburg once, and everybody just ignored them (aside from some op-ed pieces). Nobody made pilgrimages to be there.

Ilíon said...

Were they "white supremacists"? I know that the media -- you know, those paragons of intellectual integrity -- say they are, but are they? And, even if they are, so what?

Moreover, *who* was it rioting? From the sketchy things I've read, it sounds as though the *government* and the fascist "anti-fascists" joined forces to attack the "white supremacists".

ligneus said...

You're an island of sanity.
Is it OK to link to another blog here? I guess if not it will be too late when I get an answer but I'll know in future.
From Liberty's Torch.

ligneus said...

Also do hyperlinks work here?

Ilíon said...