Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Pack Must Always Stay Together

There are three Catican Guards. Bodie is about 8 years old and he's an Australian Shepherd mix. Wiggles (a nickname) is a 2-year-old Chihuahua mix who looks to have some whippet in her. Grandma (also a nickname) is her sister and she is a fat, lazy, little Chihuahua mix.

When we go out for a walk, Wiggles is in front, straining at the leash, Bodie is mostly up front, with regular stops to sniff and mark and Grandma brings up the rear. This being inland San Diego, the summer days can get very hot which means that after about a mile, Bodie and Grandma are ready to go home. Bodie is getting old and Grandma would rather never have gone for a walk in the first place. Wiggles, meanwhile, is just getting started.

If you don't give Wiggles enough exercise, you pay for it. The worst is when she wakes up at 2 AM and decides we all need to get up and play. Having had enough of this, I decided to take just her for a walk. The other two didn't like this at all. Why is she getting to go with Poppy and we have to stay home? Crying and wistful glances ensued.

I hit upon a better plan. We all went for a short walk, one where the Bodie and Grandma got to decide when it was over. We went home, I unleashed them and then went out again with Wiggles alone. We got two blocks before she stopped and looked behind her. Where was everyone else? This won't do at all. We don't like to walk alone, we must all be together at all times.

I gave up and walked back. I'm still not sure how to handle Dogs with Different Exercise Needs. Maybe I can teach Wiggles to play fetch in the yard and get her wiggling out that way.

Grandma: Does it look like I want to go for a walk?


ligneus said...

You just have to persevere with Wiggles alone to change his habits. Show him who's boss!
[Ha ha]

lee said...

A friend of mine used to put her dog on a treadmill. The dog liked it!