Friday, July 28, 2017

Invading Blargistan

It's late in the day and I've had things to do here in the Catican Compound instead of blogging, so this will be relatively short.

Listening to The Ottoman Empire, something struck me. Big chunks of any nation's history, going back to the dawn of time, sound like this.
Prince Dingledork, concerned about a threat to his northern borders, raised an army and marched on the city of Schwartzville in Blargistan. Schwartzville stood at an important crossroads and controlled the all-important canary caravan routes which brought desperately needed songbirds into Dingledork's capital. After a siege of 3 months, the garrison was overcome and Prince Dingledork entered the city to the sound of triumphant chirping.
They all sound like this after a while because they are all like that. When we single out the Europeans for hate and criticism, it's only because we're so incredibly ignorant of history. Everyone was attacking and invading or defending and being invaded. Everyone.

For the want of a canary, a kingdom was lost. Or something like that.

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