Sunday, July 23, 2017

Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

Does anyone really care?

A follow-up to yesterday's screed. This video is worth watching. I start it at the point some nameless, orthodox digit drones on and on about the real risk posed by terrorist attacks. That is, it might increase support for the "far-right," whatever that is. If you watch a little farther, Douglas Murray, author of the excellent The Strange Death of Europe, argues in incredulity that keeping facts from the populace isn't a good thing.

Think about what the digit is saying. If the general populace knew just how bad the situation was, they'd never give their support to my political party. We cannot trust the people to make informed decisions so let us not inform them. They are, after all, swine. It's all about keeping his political enemies in check.

But the situation probably isn't all that bad for the digit and his family. He probably lives in a posh neighborhood, goes to the nicest cafes and socializes only with the educated and elite. He's at no risk of having his daughter raped by an immigrant. Oh sure, the rest of the native Britons are, but they deserve it for all the racism and imperialism and islamophobia. The good people are doing just fine, thank you. And they're keeping their consciences clear by welcoming anyone and everyone. Just look at how compassionate and generous they are!

Well, they're not generous themselves, it's not their neighborhoods being occupied or their money going to feed and house the immigrants. No, it's the working-class neighborhoods and money from the Central Banks, printed so the elites can hand it out with a flourish and a gentrified wave.

But what if the population has a better grasp of the situation than the elites?  The elites don't think there's any problem at all, as far as I can tell from videos like this and statements from Angela Merkel. As long as the "far-right" is soundly defeated in elections, it's all good and we've got plenty of time to deal with whatever minor misunderstandings arise from bringing in tens of thousands of people from a dramatically different culture.

But do they really know what time it is? Do they care?

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