Monday, June 05, 2017

We Must Unite!

... and then we will ... what?

Preface: Maybe we'll unite to tell each other how much we continue to avow multiculturalism, tolerance and diversity. Of course, we won't all unite. After all, that's the point of this whole Islamist attack thing - not everyone wants to unite. It's kind of like a war where there are two sides and at least one side doesn't want to unite at all. Yes, it could be said to be like a war. Not completely, mind you. In order for it to be a war, I think both sides have to be willing to fight.

Tra-la-la. On with the post.

The WaPo, having gone completely crazy with their hatred of Trump, had this article after the most recent* London attack.
World leaders call for unity after London attack. Trump tweets the complete opposite.
It contained this bit of non-ironic idiocy.
Before London police or anyone else had announced that the attack was linked to terrorism — the president of the United States retweeted an unsourced blurb from “Fears of new terror attack after van 'mows down 20 people' on London Bridge.”
Of course, Trump was right and the world leaders and media were ... what do you call it when you can't bring yourself to say the obvious? Wishful thinking? Faith in a failed secular religion?

Julian King, who is no less than the European Commissioner for the Security Union, tweeted this gibberish.
So we're going to stand together, are we? Is that just so we make a more inviting target for the Islamists? How about this bit of advice from the British police to the sheep people they're unable to protect?

Pathetic. In every attack, the "victims" outnumber the attackers by tens to one. The poster ought to say, "Grab something and attack!" The Islamists know almost none of us are going to fight back and they'll be shooting fish in a barrel until the cops arrive and send them to meet Allah. Things might go a bit differently if every Islamist attack resulted in scenes from a zombie movie where everyone attacks them at once in a human wave. A few of these swine torn limb from limb and carried about by a triumphant crowd might deter the next ones.

Meanwhile, we need to put aside any thoughts of group self-defense and stand together. To me, that means we all need to set aside our differences and think alike - thoughts of diversity being our strength and tolerance for all. Or should I say thoughts of nonsense and ignorance.

Some wag on Free Republic put together this graphic, perfect for those who want to stand together.

This is all prelude, of course. The real thing starts when the Islamists begin to use stand off weapons like mortars so they can lob in a few shells and then disappear without being caught. Things, oddly enough, are pretty limited right now as the point of the attacks is more than just the slaughter, it's the theatrical sacrifice of their lives to Allah. When it stops being a stage for drama queens and starts being a real terrorist campaign, things will take a dramatic turn.

By the way, British police have identified 23,000 potential Jihadis. In England. We just caught 12 of them. Say, this unity thing is going to last a while, isn't it?

* - As opposed to all the previous London attacks. If you're reading this in the slightly-distant future, this refers to the London Bridge attack where people were run over and stabbed, not any of the London attacks that have happened between the date of this post and whenever you're reading it.

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