Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Don't Feed The Animals, Alexandria Edition

A quick addition to yesterday's post on feeding those political obsessives who are prone to violence is today's news that a Bernie Bro shot at a group of Republican congressmen playing baseball, wounding one and a couple of cops to boot. The guy's Facebook feed was full of sweet, delicious, political hate. I haven't looked into the sites he's reported to have followed, but I have no doubt they're jammed with accusations of racism, homophobia and Islamophobia on the part of those horrible conservatives.


The thing we really need to be worried about is a possible backlash, you know.

What jumped out at me is the utter nothingness of the moment. We have full employment, a rising stock market, no new wars, no environmental crises, no natural disasters and the Russia-Trump collusion thing turned out to be a soap bubble that just popped. We're all struggling with ... what? I'd bet you could turn off the news and pundits for a month* and nothing would have happened that affected your life when you turned them on again.

That's enough to make anyone start shooting. Resist! Or maybe not.

Seriously, this is about the depths of our national crisis.
* - Well, not me. You need to visit The Scratching Post daily, no matter what. Turn everyone else off, though.

Update: Someone else did the research on one of the shooter's groups, "Terminate the Republican Party." Here you go.

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