Wednesday, June 07, 2017

A Dog Can Express Disbelief

I never thought so until last night when we got home from a week on Maui.

Bodie, the larger Catican Guard and Leah, the larger of the Chihuahua mixes, pranced around in joy when we arrived, but Lily, aka Grandma*, crouched in utter amazement. She had clearly written us off. It was like we had come back from the dead. She was so happy, but she didn't want to show it as if she was afraid she might break the spell and we would disappear again. In fact, if we had disappeared right before her eyes, I doubt she would have been any more surprised.

After about 20 minutes of disoriented, delirious happiness, she was her normal self again. It was beautiful.

Lily in calmer times.
* - We call her Grandma because, while she's a 1-year-old, she behaves like a little, old woman. She eats her food deliberately, one nugget at a time. She doesn't really like to go for walks, she'd prefer to stay home and cuddle. She's a bit chubby, too.

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Kelly the little black dog said...

This is pretty standard with dogs. Part of their charm.