Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Why Are Ready-Made Wiring Junctions So Hard To Find?

I'm closing in on finishing my MGB rewiring project. Over and over again, I've come up against the problem of finding a way to splice or create wiring junctions. Because the worst part of building you own harness is getting the lengths just right - too long and things dangle, too short and things don't reach. What I'd really like is a 5x1 or 3x1 or Nx1 junction with quick disconnect tabs so I could make separate connector cables for each item on the circuit.

Ground wires, dashboard gauge lights, there are all kinds of places where I need wires to connect to  each other.
If you solder or use butt connectors and you get the lengths wrong, you're hosed. Too long means you need to cut out a portion and add another connector. Too short and you need to throw away the whole thing and start again. Honestly, it's been the hardest part of the project by miles.

I still don't have an answer. I've taken to measuring distances with string, adding a couple of inches for safety and then cutting my wires to match. I then use butt connectors and shrink-wrap for the junctions. I just wish I had either access to easy-to-use junctions or a way of building my own.

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