Monday, May 29, 2017

Inside The Bubble There Is No Violence

Conservative firebrand Kurt Schlichter issued a barely-veiled call for violence or at least a justification for it today.
We don’t like the new rules – I’d sure prefer a society where no one was getting attacked, having walked through the ruins of a country that took that path – but we normals didn’t choose the new rules. The left did. It gave us Ferguson, Middlebury College, Berkeley, and “Punch a Nazi” – which, conveniently for the left, translates as “punch normals.” And many of us have had personal experiences with this New Hate – jobs lost, hassles, and worse. Some scumbags at an anti-Trump rally attacked my friend and horribly injured his dog. His freaking dog.

So when we start to adopt their rules, they’re shocked? Have they ever met human beings before? It’s not a surprise. It’s inevitable.
I've been trying to figure this one out - why it is that the media has excused or ignored the violence of ANITFA, Black Lives Matter, college students and protesters at Trump rallies. Of course there's the whacking great bias on their part, but there's something else, a disconnect of some sort.

Kurt's essay revealed it to me.

When was the last time you were in a real fight? How often do they happen in your neighborhood? How about at your kids' schools? Probably pretty rarely. That's not true for a big chunk of the population, the part that lives outside the elites' bubble. Those murder stats in Chicago and elsewhere are just the tip of the iceberg. Below the water line are huge numbers of assaults, rapes and child abuse cases.

When George Stephanopoulos goes home, he doesn't drive into a neighborhood with bars on the windows and razor wire topping the fences. When George Will goes home, he doesn't see drunk dudes on the street corners lighting up blunts, giving him the evil eye. They may read about it, but they don't know it. It's not real to them.

In such a neighborhood, you know that if you punch a dude, he's going to come back at you. If you stab him and don't kill him, you've just earned an enemy for whom violence is not theoretical. The pampered children at or universities who stand 9" away from a professor or public speaker and scream at them have probably never been punched out in their lives.

Try that in Compton or a coal mining town in West Virginia.

Whether the progressives running our colleges, news media and entertainment industry know it or not, a lot of people live in that more primal world. At some point, that blue collar, white redneck you've been calling a racist homophobe for years is going to have had enough of this. Voting for Trump was just the start. That rumble where the ANTIFA punks got stomped is the next logical step.

What's the way back to civilization?

Wait, they can do this?

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