Thursday, April 06, 2017

The Voters Went Nuclear

If we voters wanted comity and calm, honest debate, that's what the politicians in the Senate would be doing. Instead, they nuked the filibuster because the Democrats, fearing the rage of their base, refused to vote on a Supreme Court nominee.



tim eisele said...

I see that the filibuster as currently implemented[1] is actually quite a bit younger than I am, so I don't know as it is that big of a deal that it is apparently on the way out. It hardly qualifies in my mind as getting rid of a deeply hallowed tradition at this point.

The Senate got along perfectly well without frequent filibusters for a long time, I expect that they can all muddle through somehow. Seeing as how both parties have repeatedly threatened to "Go Nuclear" on the filibuster for at least the last couple of decades, maybe now they will figure out something else to fight about.

[1] as opposed to the classic, physically-stand-up-and-talk-it-to-death filibuster that everybody thinks of, but that was never actually done all that often and evidently was made unnecessary by a rules change some time ago.

ligneus said...

Yep. Yay!

Rose said...