Monday, March 27, 2017

The State Of College Intellectuals

... described in one link.

Here it is.

Ritual denunciations of Charles Murray are de rigueur. College administrators and professors who allow him to speak on their campuses are quick to let everyone know how much they disagree with him and how they acknowledge he's a crazed racist.

But he's not and no amount of combing through his copious writings will reveal that. In fact, as that link shows, he's quite the opposite and his research and data are excellent.

It's not the philosophical disagreements that cause me to despise the modern academy, it's the anti-intellectualism. The foundation of being an intellectual has to be research and data. If research easily shows that your assertions are wrong, strictly for the sake of honesty you must recant them and reconsider your positions. Without honesty, academia is worse than useless, they are profoundly evil.

That's where we are today. An utterly dishonest and willfully ignorant professoriat. Is it any wonder why college students spout nonsense?

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