Sunday, January 01, 2017

Was 2016 All That Bad?

I dunno. I had a good year, personally. Big achievements at work, a happy home life and Maddi the Cat ruled the house with a gentle temperament. Yes, two weird people dominated the news and we all argued about them, but we seem to have ended up making the better of two bad choices. I doubt Little Sisters of the Poor will be dragged back into court over condoms and maybe we can hope that some of the regulations that strangle our economy will be eased.

I feel like 2016 got a bad rap almost exclusively because of the election, but really, does it make all that much difference in our lives? Isn't part of what makes us American the ability to focus on something other than politics most of the time?

Maybe I'm in a good mood because LSU and Alabama won their bowl games yesterday. Well, that and my wife bought me a deep fryer for Christmas.

Mmm. Fried chicken.

Yep, 2016 was a pretty good year.

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