Sunday, January 15, 2017

Speaking On Behalf of the Nazis And The Klan

... I'd just like to say that Martin O'Malley is welcome at one of our rallies any time. Maybe if he took the time to get to know us, he would learn to see the threat posed by the Jews, Catholics and mongrel races.
Honestly, what is wrong with the progressives? It's like they've all completely lost their minds. This isn't some hysterical nut on the fringe, this is a mainstream, moderate Democrat who ran for president. I know that you need to feed your activists red meat from time to time, but this red meat is toxic to everyone but your crazed, bunker-dwelling, dead-end fanatics.

People want to complain about Donald Trump's idiotic tweets and that's completely commendable. But then there's this. Maybe it's not worse, but at the very least it's more of the same. It's like they deliberately want us to hate each other.

I guess you can't raise money with lukewarm prose, you have to go straight for the white-hot rage if you want to bring in the big bucks.


Anonymous said...

K T Cat said...

Yeah, I figured something like that was coming. I'd offer a few key differences with many, many more unstated.

1. I'm just some wacky blogger whose OCD demands he come up with content every day. Sometimes it's something that ticks me off and I can jot down a good polemic like that one. None of my blog posts are edited the next day or the next anything. It's fire and forget here. O'Malley's speech was prepared by a speechwriter and edited by the dude himself and then given in a formal context.

2. Patria Socialista! was the rallying cry of Argentina's Juan Peron. Peron was a social justice fascist who wanted to consolidate power in the government so he could help the poor. The KKK and the Nazis are significantly different on many levels, almost all of them very, very bad.

3. If you didn't like that blog post, you'll hate this. Obama was a Mussolini fascist, but he's probably too ignorant of history to know it. His speeches where he talks about being pragmatic and doing what's right and not being bound to an ideology read like a Cliff's Notes version of Mussolini's book, Fascism.

4. Fascism is just an offshoot of socialism. I would bet that if you took the concepts laid out by Benito and proffered them to Bernie Sanders, you might be surprised at how many things he liked.

There. That's enough for now. I'd love to hear your response. Seriously, without any snark and vitriol, I'd love to discuss this with you.

IlĂ­on said...

Before he invented Fascism, Mussolini had been a ranking member of the Italian Socialist Party. If I recall correctly, he was essentially in charge of defining socialist doctrine.