Monday, January 30, 2017

Originalist = Democracy

Trump is scheduled to reveal his Supreme Court pick tomorrow. I'm with Dennis Prager on this one.
Contrary to popular belief, the fight over the Supreme Court isn't about women's issues or gays or the like, it's about democracy. Even if we had 9 originalists on the court, you'd still be able to get abortion and gay marriage to be a part of the Constitution by amending it.

The Constitution was designed as a "living" document, but not in the modern way. It was made so the public could change it through voting. When you discover rights never mentioned in the thing, all you're doing is disenfranchising the voters.


Anonymous said...

It's hard for me to hear, read, or think "penumbras, formed of emanations" without snorting. It sounds more like a flaky psychic than a Supreme Court Justice.

K T Cat said...

It all translates into this: "Shut up, you pathetic troglodytes. You'll do as your told by your betters. You think we're going to let you vote! Ha! We didn't go to Ivy League universities just to let pathetic, unwashed trolls like you run the country."