Friday, January 27, 2017

Keep Your Eye On The Ball

... is my advice for watching the Trump Administration unfold. Peggy Noonan does a much better job describing what's going on that I do.
What happened from day one was a dramatic, almost daily barrage of executive orders. Among them: reinstating the 1984 ban on U.S. taxpayer funding of groups that provide abortions overseas; declaring the intention to create a physical barrier to secure the border with Mexico; moving forward on construction of the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines; relieving the burdens of ObamaCare; and withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership...

It’s a mistake for observers in Washington and New York to fixate on Mr. Trump’s daily faux pas at the expense of the political meaning of what he’s doing. He’s changing the face of the GOP. It is a mistake, too, to see Mr. Trump’s tweet on how Chicago had better solve its problem with violent crime or he’ll “send in the Feds,” as merely stupid—just a tweet that raises the question “What does ‘send in the Feds’ mean?” If you’re a parent in a tough Chicago neighborhood, you’d be heartened to think the feds might help. You’d be happy the president noticed. You’d say, “Go, Trump!”
Watching TV news, an excellent gauge of what the Democratic Party is thinking, you can see they are way behind the power curve on Trump. It's all outrages all the time. The only problem is that most of us don't really care if he's a sexist or not.

As Andrew Klavan pointed out on one of his recent podcasts, Trump isn't even in the same league as Beyonce when it comes to guttersnipe talk. Her lyrics are filled with raunch unthinkable just a few decades ago and she's nowhere near the worst of the popular music scene. So Trump talked about grabbing women? Big deal. Wade through the trash in the top 10 and you'll find all manner of depravity. You want me to get all bent out of shape about his latest indiscretion? Please. The filth parading about in the recent "Women's" marches made Trump look positively refined.

I thought the Chicago violence tweet was great. The media wants to talk race all the time with predictable victims and villains. Meanwhile, Trump is telling the innocents trapped in our urban war zones that he not only cares, he's willing to take the do-nothing politicians and race leaders by the scruff of the neck and shake them until something gets done. I'm betting, like Peggy says, that's a winner for most of the people in Chicago, no matter what the news media says.

Meanwhile, as the media and other Democrats wail about racismsexismhomophobiaislamophobiaglobalwarmingclimatechangetransgenderedrights, Trump is taking concrete actions which will result in jobs and wealth. While the standard liturgy of social justice accusations will continue to play well in the newsrooms and faculty lounges, it's going to become less and less relevant to the rest of us.

If they don't catch on soon, the lefty media is going to look like a bunch of squawking toddlers.


Ohioan@Heart said...

They passed the "squawking toddlers" stage long ago. They have now thrown themselves down on the floor and are having a temper Tantrum. I would expect the media to hold their breath until they turn blue any day now (except they couldn't be any more "blue").

ligneus said...

I haven't had so much fun since granma caught.....oh I guess not that one. But after eight long years of obama it's so nice for the shoe to be on the other foot. [I guess that metaphor is OK on a respectable blog] And the stuff I'm getting from a few of my lefty friends, like for instance....
" The nausea that rises when I think of him and when I think of anyone I know supporting him… I take it personally. Enough said."
After eight years of me being at least reasonable about the recently departed asshole.