Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's Time To Learn About Printed Circuit Boards

Last week, I finished the wiring of my MGB's cockpit. I'm now left with the engine compartment and connecting all of the trunk lines. This isn't going to be difficult, save for one thing. I'm adding relays to the headlights and want to include test points to make diagnosing electrical problems easy. To do this, I'm going to build an electrical box for the engine which will house all of these things. Having learned to hate tangled wires and connectors and dreading the rats' nest that could arise, I'm thinking of designing a printed circuit board (PCB) to make the connections and house the fuses and relays.

There's only one problem. I've never worked with PCBs before, except to repair them when components like integrated circuits go bad. Time to learn something new.



Ohioan@Heart said...

Fortunately for you there are lots of people where you work who know lots about PCB design and where to get them produced.

K T Cat said...

Yeah, I'm hoping to tap into some of that expertise!

Mostly Nothing said...

I bought a relay kit for my MG a few years ago. Seems to me it's got 5 relays with the fifth for the horns, I don't remember now.

Since you are doing this, you probably want to go with new fuse box as well, 8-10 fuses, should be able to encompass the added inline fuses. Then you could move to blade fuses as well.

Search the new fangled Internet for diagrams, videos and ideas.

Mostly Nothing said...

http://www.advanceautowire.com/ Is where I got the relay block.

K T Cat said...

Thanks! I'm definitely moving the Inline fuses to the box