Monday, January 02, 2017

3 x 3 = 270

So it turns out that Hillary won the popular vote. Hurrah! That's the same as the Cleveland Browns having more rushing yards than their opponent, but still losing 37-14. The popular vote isn't the way the score is counted.

As I understand it, if you took away New York and California, Trump would have won the popular vote by millions. What this says to me is that the Democrats' playbook is to win New York, California and Illinois (thrown in just because) three times each in a single election. This seems to be their thinking:
  • California vote margin: 0-1M => 55 electoral votes
  • California vote margin: 1-2M => 110 electoral votes
  • California vote margin: 2M+ => 165 electoral votes
Dittos for the other ultra-blue states. CA+IL+NY = 104 electoral votes. Multiply that by 3 and you easily win the presidential election with 312 electoral votes.

Every time I see them doubling down on their dog-eared race and sex cards, that's what comes to mind. My very favorite strategy is when they wheel out cartloads of celebrities to tell us all what to do and think. Like this ridiculous thing.

I'm sure the people in flyover country are going to get all hot and bothered because some starlet who lives in a Bel Aire mansion gives them a civics lesson that she read off a cue card. Best of all is when they repeat the same words over and over like we're all so stupid that we need them to parrot phrases slowly and clearly otherwise we wouldn't understand what they were saying.

Can't you just see their political strategy sessions?
"Hey, let's get the celebrities to lecture people again!"

"Great idea! That will solidly lock in California at the second tier - 110 electoral votes!"
Rather than getting ticked off when you see this stuff, it might be a better idea to make some popcorn, sit back and watch the things with a smile on your face. It's like watching lunatics lock themselves in a padded room and then throw the key out the window.


Ohioan@Heart said...

The reason I can't just sit back and smile is that sometimes they win. Then we get stuck with their lunacy. In fact here in California it is essentially a non-stop goofy-fest, but it sure isn't something to smile about.

K T Cat said...

We can afford to be in a good mood about the whole speech code thing because Trump won. I'm sure my posts would have been full of rage and gritted teeth had the Hildebeest won.

tim eisele said...

Specifically, the Democrat's playbook is to win the big cities. The thing that bothers me about this, is why is this even *possible*? Why are the people in the cities, and the people in the small towns/rural areas, beliving that their interests do not align? What is it about the cities that makes them susceptible to the blandishments of the Democrats, while the rural areas are willing to hook up with the Republicans?

K T Cat said...

Tim, I'd argue that the left is effectively a religion with strong apostasy rules. Rural voters are by definition heretics so their thoughts, desires and needs are unclean. Your best bet is to avoid contact and go back to lefty church - watch some Jon Stewart, perhaps - and reinforce your faith. I don't know that the Republicans appeal to the rural voters so much as they don't scream horrible accusations at them. It's a pretty low bar to clear.