Monday, December 12, 2016


Reading a news article today about Ukraine, wherein it was noted that the two largest armies in Europe - Ukraine's and Russia's - where on the brink of war, I wondered just why it mattered to us. That's a long way away from San Diego and much closer to Warsaw, Berlin, London, Paris, etc. Unless NATO is European for "Let the Yanks take care of everything while we sip espresso at a cafe," it sure looks like a problem for someone else to solve.

Maybe if the Germans hadn't killed off Fritz and the boys back in the 1940s chasing some idiotic dream of making the world safe for whitey, his grandkids could stand up to Ivan on their own.
I'm sure there's some complicated reason why Ukraine is important and stopping Putin's imperial ambitions is a good thing, but it looks like a much better thing for those closer to the action. To borrow from Bismark, "The whole of Ukraine is not worth the bones of a single Kentucky infantryman."

Especially if it's not worth the bones of a single Munich tanker.


Foxfier said...

Them and what army? Estonia's? (One of the four other countries that can be bothered to meet their agreed to spending for NATO.)

Biggest reason I can see for us getting involved is that it sure looks like Europe sucks at stopping these "take over the world" plots before it reaches world-war levels.

Foxfier said...

Greece, Poland and the UK, 2% of GDP, for those wondering. And the US has been spending the most since it was founded. CNN Money had an article.

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

FYI: You don't need the article "the" in front of Ukraine.

Too bad they gave up their nukes.

K T Cat said...

Ivyan, consider the corrections made. Thanks!

Foxie, if we keep pulling their irons out of the fire, they'll never change. Let them worry about the Bear on the border. It's not our border.

Foxfier said...

They're never going to change anyways. They'll just die, and feed evil, and then we'll have to clean up anyways.