Friday, December 09, 2016

Argentine Ants And Native Americans

Argentine ants are a serious invasive pest in San Diego. They're aggressive, but only to other species. Within their own species, they'll cooperate, even between nests. This means that, when brought to war, the local ants aren't one nest vs. one nest, it's one nest vs. every Argentine ant in the world.

It hasn't worked out so well for the locals.
This is evolution. The Argentines are superior competitors and they are doing away with the local ant population. While sad, it's all part of the circle of life. Or is it the dead end of life? Whatever.

If we're simply physical beings, if we're just another species of animals, then what about this: The Spanish were superior competitors to the American Indians. It's sad that the Indians got stomped, but isn't that the way of evolution? Shouldn't we just shake our heads in momentary sadness and then get on with our lives?

Isn't the concern and guilt for the Indians an indication of an underlying moral foundation that has nothing to do with physics and chemistry and biology and evolution?

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