Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's Hard To Be A Moron These Days

I've been struggling to process all of the violence and rancor that's been front and center in the news lately. Whether that's BLM and Obama raging about whitey or Trump howling about Mexican rapists, all I can think is, "What are we doing?"

I've dropped a few atomic bombs on myself during my lifetime. I've made tragically stupid decisions that have led to long-term problems. My blunders are many orders of magnitude larger in importance than anything anyone else has done to me. And by the way, when other people have "done things to me" it's almost always been because I put myself in a bad position.

Whatever my race might be and whatever the race of the people "doing things to me" might have been, those factors were inconsequential compared to my being a moron.

To review, I offer this one-question quiz.

In America, life is hardest on ____________.

A. Blacks
B. Whites
C. Hispanics
D. Gays
E. Transgendered Eskimos
F. Morons

Leave your answers in the comments. I'll have your quizzes graded by next class. The quiz counts as 5% of your grade this semester.


tim eisele said...

Well, F, obviously. Especially since people in groups A-E can easily fall into group F as well.

Incidentally, I guess I need to update my acronym definitions. I keep seeing references to "BLM" and thinking, "what has the Bureau of Land Management done now?"

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Tim, me too!!! I'm thinking it's about pasture management and ranchers...

K T Cat said...

I always default to that as well and think, what in the world does BLM have to do with ____?

As for the quiz, apparently, it's not obvious, is it? If it were, we'd not be engaging in the preliminary skirmishes of a race war over a half-dozen unjustified shootings of "unarmed, young black men" a year. If you have illegitimacy rates approaching 80%, you're in the moron category with all the self-destruction that entails.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest you correct your grammar: the last line of your third paragraph reads:

"...been, those factors were inconsequential compared to me being a moron."

but it should read:

"...been, those factors were inconsequential compared to my being a moron."

Oh, and please define "is."


K T Cat said...

Anon, you're the best! Thanks for the correction. It will be made ASAP.

tom said...

I think life is hardest on the bloggers who fail to use the proper identifiers. Except for B and perhaps E, you used outdated, racist/sexist/homophobist/etcist descriptors.

Next thing you know, you'll be using all the wrong pronouns as well.....

Ilíon said...

No, 'Eskimo' is deninitely "outdated, racist/sexist/homophobist/etcist"; the "corrrect" term, this week at any rate, is 'Inuit' (which, as almost always the case with the self-designations of primatives, means "the people").

Ilíon said...

... also, apparently there is a difference between 'transgender' and 'transgendered', so it' possible that "Transgendered Eskimos" is a double plus ungood no-no.

K T Cat said...

Man, you can't tell the perverts without a scorecard, eh?

Ooh, that was a bad choice of words, wasn't it? I think I should have said "card that identifies itself as a way to keep score."

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

And the morons come out of the woodwork, miss the point entirely, and prove your thesis.