Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy 4th Of July!

We had a couple of American flags in the garage that were faded and tattered, but I knew you weren't supposed to throw them out. I looked it up online and found that the VFW will properly dispose of them for you. I brought them over to the local Hall which consisted of a bar with elderly couples seated around it, drinking Budweisers, chatting cheerfully. They were really grateful that I had the sense to bring in the flags rather then trashing them and when I bought them a round of beers, they were happier still.

I tipped my sweat-stained LSU cap to them, said, "Thank you, boys" and left.



K T Cat said...

I felt that this annotation would ruin the feel of the post, so I'll leave it as a comment.

No, I did not go to LSU. I've never even visited the campus. I went to UCSD which has no sports teams worth the name and has gone from a cesspit of progressive twaddle to a full-on re-education camp, while wiping out the semi-rural nature of the campus, taking in massive donations from the multi-nationals its blinkered professors hate and expanding with all the style of a Beirut urban ghetto. I hate the place.

Since my allegiance is up for grabs and I'm a fan of Dixie in general and Louisiana in particular, I've become an LSU fan. Geaux Tigers!

Mostly Nothing said...

Our Scout Troop has retired many flags over the years. We did it for an old folks home, and the church that sponsors us. There are several little ceremonies and speaches that go with it. It's a neat experience.

Foxfier said...

Happy 4th, belatedly; happy Independence, every day.