Thursday, July 21, 2016

Grass Spider

We found this big brute trapped in one of our sinks the other day. Before dealing with it, I took a couple of photos with my Samsung Galaxy S7. Macro photography of insects can be tricky even with a DSLR, but the phone managed to take some splendid shots. I left this particularly large, so I think it's definitely worth a click.


Grass Spider, genus Agelenopsis


tim eisele said...

It is really astounding just how good cell phone cameras have gotten. The old dedicated point-and-shoot cameras are practically dinosaurs these days, especially since I see that the Galaxy S7 spec sheet shows that it has a flash.

That spider came out very well!

tim eisele said...

In fact, it came out so well that we can not only clearly see that it is a male from the large pedipalps, we can also see enough of the corkscrew-shaped sperm-packet holder on the back of the pedipalps that it might possibly be identifiable to species!

Unfortunately, BugGuide doesn't have pictures of the pedipalps of all the grass spider species, but of the ones they do have, Agelenopsis utahana looks like it could be a good match.

tim eisele said...

Except that yours has longer bristles on its legs. Which probably means that you have a spider that isn't on BugGuide yet. You should submit it to them. Especially since I see that they have very few pictures of Californian grass spiders of any description.

K T Cat said...

Ooh! Can I name it? How about Agelenopsis surfaris?

Hey, he is a San Diego dude, after all. ;-)

Kelly the little black dog said...

Can't tell from the photo. How big is he?

K T Cat said...

Bigger than a 50-cent piece, leg to leg.