Saturday, July 16, 2016

Bringing Your Family Together By Screaming At Them

... is probably not going to work. Dig this,

There haven't been any significant developments in the last couple of years that would lead to worsening race relations. Cops have been accidentally shooting people as long as there have been cops. Dittos for bad apples in the police force using their status to further some evil aim.

Black Lives Matter (BLM) is based upon hand-picking that statistic and its accompanying anecdotes over all others. If the stat chosen was murder rates as a function of race, we'd have Black Lives Get Your Act Together (BLGYAT) since blacks murder people at a rate roughly 4 times that of whites, resulting in thousands more deaths per year.

He who picks the scoring method picks the winner.

Why aren't murder rates the metric of choice? A half dozen blacks killed by cops is pretty bad, but 4,000 blacks killed by other blacks is far worse. Something tells me we chose our metric with an end goal in mind.

Each of us are aware of many of these metrics. We may not know the numbers, but we know the reality - only an idiot would try to walk through the worst parts of Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis ... When BLM and the progressive elites in politics, the media and academia scream at the rest of us that we're racist pigs, in the back of our minds, we're thinking, "Wait a minute. I don't feel like a racist. How can I be something and not know it? And what about all the things they're doing?"

The problem isn't the stat chosen, it's the word "they're." As soon as we break into races, we can all find stats that make us the best and "them" the worst. I would argue that ideas and behaviors matter, but race does not. That is, it's proper to ponder the relative merits of Islam, Catholicism and Atheism, but not black, white and Hispanic. The former have objective meaning, the latter have none.

So just how far do we want to take this race stuff? We're now at the point where some blacks, enraged by the cherry-picked metrics rubbed in their noses by BLM, have taken to shooting white cops. Starting a fight doesn't end it, the other side gets a say, too. How long before the Klan rises again, made up of whites fed up with this garbage? Search #altright on Twitter and you'll see plenty of it. If you think the elites are going to stop such a movement, look at Trump. They were supposed to stop him, too, because of his inappropriate remarks, but a large portion of the public decided otherwise.

BLM and #altright are both similarly evil. They only thrive because they feed their followers cherry-picked stats designed to enrage. So long as one or the other gets approving airtime from the elites, race relations are going to keep getting worse.


Foxfier said...

Touching on a pet peeve of mine-- the whole idea of grouping things is that it's supposed to be relevant. Neither "they look like their ancestors came from this area" nor "they identify as this race" are the most relevant groups for any of the effects being used, or you wouldn't be able to compare the sub groups like "young," "urban," "male," "broken homes," or even "lead exposure" to get a higher correlation than "race."

K T Cat said...

Great comment, Foxie.