Tuesday, June 07, 2016

In Ancient Rome, They Spoke With

... an upper-class British accent. We know this from movie after movie.

Last night, hockey preempted Jeopardy, so we fell back on watching Gladiator on the History Channel. Here's a clip.

Going back a bit farther in time, here's a clip from Quo Vadis.

From ancient times to this, the Romans have spoken with an English accent. It simply had to be this way. How else could the Romans have maintained control over the Empire? Imagine them with a different accent. They never would have been taken seriously.


"Shoo-eee! Thar's a whole mess of barbarians coming over the hills yonder! We'd better get the legions out so we can give 'em a whuppin!"


"Oooo-aahhhh (Toshiro Mifune grunt) You have no honor! You have betrayed the regions. You no pay them! Sordiers will no fight if not paid!"

New York Italian

"Yo! Caesar! Rule over this!" (Makes crude arm gesture.)

See what I mean? Who would ever have allowed people that talked like that to crush them in battle?


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