Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Goebbels' Speech In 2018

What a weird time to be alive. Dig the redacted version of the Orlando shooters' call to 911.

Note that they changed Allah to God so that it wouldn't sound so ... Islamic.

It reminds me of a speech Goebbels gave in March 1945, which you can find on YouTube, where he told the audience that a really big offensive was coming and Germany would win the war. We're not at that point, of course, but the disconnect from reality is conceptually the same. The evidence of defeat was all around them, but Goebbels was still trotting out the same old lines.

Here in 2016, there are 10 countries that allow capital punishment for homosexuality. They're all Islamic. Islam is a political system, a legal system and a religion. When a nation becomes Islamic, it's not a perversion of Islam, but the perfection of it. A crazy Islamic dude walking into a gay nightclub and shooting it up isn't an aberration, it's a feature of the belief system. No, not every Muslim does it, but when whole nations practice it, you can't redact words and alter others for very long and fool the public. Imagine the redactions and contortions they'll have to go through in, say, 2018, to maintain their fictions.

Whether it's little girls being raped in England by Pakistani gangs or the German women assaulted on New  Year's Eve by immigrants or the gays in Orlando getting gunned down, how much longer will these speeches hold up against what we're seeing with our own eyes?

Aside: It's almost like we need admit we're fundamentally incompatible and divide the world up like we did with the Russians. If you don't think we're incompatible, then I suggest you picture what your life would be like living in, say, Iran.

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