Thursday, June 02, 2016

Before You Get All Wound Up About The Inquisition

... again and use it as an example of Christian intolerance, you might want to look a little closer to home, temporally speaking. Dig this.
In the past year especially, it’s become increasingly clear to me that I cannot uphold the primary value of my profession, to do no harm, without also seriously jeopardizing my standing in the professional community. It’s a terrible and unfortunate conflict of interest. I’ve lost much sleep over the fact that, for a significant portion of my clients and their parents, I am unable to provide what they profess to come to me seeking: sound clinical judgment. Increasingly, providing such judgment puts me at risk of violating the emergent trans narrative which–seemingly overnight and without any explanation or push-back of which I am aware–has usurped the traditional mental health narrative.
Well, that's not too bad. They're just being exiled out of their profession, right? I mean it could be worse.

It is worse.
Last week in a team meeting, our medical director said he was meeting with a girl who identifies as FTM (Female Transitioning to Male) to discuss top surgery and testosterone treatment. Apparently, according to the director, the girl’s mom is slowing down the process of transition. Bad mom, right? The director added that the girl’s mom told her that 9 out of 9 of her daughter’s friends also identify as FTM.
Emphasis in the original. The odds against finding 9 FTMs in any closed population is staggeringly high. That ought to be obvious to anyone familiar with statistics as these professionals would be, were they not in the grip of a cult. It took this author to actually say something.
At this point I couldn’t hold my tongue any longer. I said, “Can we not be honest and see that we are dealing with a trend?” Of course, everyone else at the table was mute. Considering I’m leaving my post, I felt bold enough to say that I found it infuriating we couldn’t discuss this topic clinically. More silent colleagues (except their eyes were wide as if they wanted me to keep talking and taking the risk for them). I said that what we were doing as a medical community was potentially very harmful, and made mention of some of the videos I’d watched featuring transmen who decided to go off testosterone.
Note the implication. If the author had been planning on keeping their job, they would have stayed silent in the face of obvious nonsense for fear of an ... well, what else to call it? ... Inquisition.

Confess your sins of homophobia and transphobia! Confess!
Read the whole article. I'm just taking out one example of what the author calls a cult movement.


Jedi Master Ivyan said...

Mass hysteria. This is the lobotomy of our age, literally and figuratively. In 20 years or less there will be a flood of remorseful people who have mutilated bodies. God help us.

Foxfier said...

The terrible thing, Jedi, is that there won't be.

They will most likely be dead, by their own hand.