Monday, May 16, 2016

Maybe We Should Just Dig A Big Pit And All Use That

So Obama's Education Department has decided that we need to accommodate trannies no matter where they are found in schools.
“Significant guidance,” they called it Friday, when the federal justice and education departments laid down, in effect, new rules for how all publicly funded schools in the United States – Kindergarten through college – accommodate transgender students.
Are there a lot of transgendered kindergartners?

As I understand it, no doctor's note is necessary. You might need a note from a guardian, but that's it. Sounds lovely. Were I running a college in North Carolina or Mississippi where they're foolishly trying to make men use the men's room, I'd recruit male soccer players willing to claim that they identify as women, build my women's team with them and then go mop the floor with the competition. It would be hilarious!

Here's a boy's soccer club taking on the Guyana national women's team and beating them handily.

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