Friday, April 22, 2016

And If You Believed A Cassandra, Then What?

Going back into the old, horrible film vault, we come across Catastrofe, a Japanese film from 1974 that goes something like this.
Plot: Professor Nishiyama, after studying and interpreting the prophecies of Nostradamus, realizes that the end of the world is at hand. Unfortunately, nobody listens to him until it is too late. As the effects of mankind's tampering of the earth - radioactive smog clouds, hideously mutated animals, destruction of the ozone layer - rage out of control, the world leaders hurtle blindly toward the final confrontation.
If the end of the world is at hand because of Mankind tampering with nature, aren't things already too far along to be stopped? I can see a slight alteration of the script ...
Professor Nishiyama: We're all doomed! Radiation and mutated animals and the Cubs winning the World Series!
Bystander 1: Hmm. Sounds dreadful. What's this all about?
Professor Nishiyama: We're doomed! The world is going to end!
Bystander 2: Good heavens! Is there anything we can do to stop it?
Professor Nishiyama: Err, well, no, not really.
Bystander 1: Nothing?
Professor Nishiyama: Um, no. It's too late. We really are doomed.
Bystander 2: Well, OK then. I think I'll go on to Starbucks then. Might as well get my last cappuccino. (walks off)
Professor Nishiyama: Hmm. I had pictured this going a bit differently.
Bystander 1: Well, better luck next time, old boy.
Professor Nishiyama: Uh, there won't be a "next time." That's the whole point.
Bystander 1: Oh, right. Rough luck, that. (awkward pause) Have a nice day, whatever there is left of it. (walks off)
Professor Nishiyama: (mumbling) Thanks. Bye.

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