Saturday, February 20, 2016

Greece Under Sharia

... is where we're headed.

Everybody is building walls and fences these days. It's all so chic and European. The Austrians are doing it, the Slovenians are doing it, even the Romanians are doing it and they're hardly fashion-forward. Everyone but the Greeks.

Greece can't afford to build walls. As they are both bankrupt (unable to pay back their debts) and insolvent (unable to service normal payments to creditors), they can't afford to do much of anything. In addition to that, Greek's geography makes walls and fences nearly impossible to build. How do you build a wall around all those islands? Oh sure, you could use your Navy to spot and turn back refugee boats, but a Navy requires fuel and repairs and those require money which Greece does not have.

If you see the Muslim invasion of Europe as a pipeline, the valves have been turned off on the borders north of Greece, but Greece can't turn off the valve from Turkey. A few data points for you.
  • "Despite the onset of winter, more than 2,000 people are still arriving in Greece daily, mostly through the sea route from Turkey, EU figures show. Athens is under pressure to register and keep those coming in."
  • "Macedonia's Foreign Ministry told BIRN that the Slovenian initiative, which calls for greater EU support to reinforce the Macedonian border, was a good idea that would relieve pressure on the country, which lies right on the Western Balkan route taken by refugees and migrants."
  • "The Slovenian plan essentially envisages that most of the migrants who are now entering Greece would stay there."
  • Greece has a population of about 11,000,000
  • Number of Greeks aged 18-30: ~1,346,000
  • Number of Greek males aged 18-30: ~673,000
  • Assuming 75% of the invaders are young males, number of invading, young males aged 18-30: 1,500 per day in the winter, much larger as the weather warms up
  • Days to reach parity in young men: 448, assuming no pre-existing Muslim population either native or immigrant and no increase in flow when the weather warms up.
That parity date is wildly optimistic for several reasons. First, there was a pre-existing Muslim population before the invasion began. Second, the invasion has been going on for a while. What, about a year or so? Third, good weather will accelerate the flow. Fourth, national population statistics are nearly irrelevant.

Combat, whether it be political or physical, is a local thing. All those sturdy, young Greek men off in the hinterlands tending their flocks and pondering Plato don't do you any good when the invaders, concentrated in a few areas, decide to get restive.

So how many days to Sharia in Greece? If the exit flow to the north is cut off and the flow from the south is not, how long before native Greeks give up and flee? Dig this protest from the island of Kos.

Check out how old most of those Greeks are. Not quite combat-ready infantry, are they?

When do you leave a place? When it becomes impossible to make a living or protect your property. In this case, that happens when the tourists stop coming and crime gets out of hand. That's going to happen long before the invaders become a majority. When the government can no longer pay its bills, the Greeks dependent on tourism won't be able to look to Athens to buy their food after their business dries up.

So you'll get an exodus of Greeks to go with the influx of invaders. How long before there's Sharia in parts of Greece? Once there is, who runs it? Once there is, why wouldn't they start sending decent boats over the Turkey to start bringing more invaders en masse. Imagine the flow increase when migrants are brought over by huge ferries instead of tiny skiffs.

One last thought. Why would Turkey want to stop this? For one, Turkey is an Islamic country. Spreading Islam is what they're supposed to do. For another, the Turks have never liked the Greeks. To top it off, I'm sure Turkey is happy to get as many restive, foreign young men off their hands as possible.

Looked at in a certain way, this isn't a refugee crisis but a beachhead.

Is this Okinawa or Lesbos?

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