Monday, February 29, 2016

Chris Rock At The Oscars

... gave a long, hilarious monologue about how ultra-wealthy, black Hollywood secular progs were suffering racism at the hands of ultra-wealthy, white Hollywood secular progs. I'm sure it was a laugh-a-minute for impoverished, single mom Taniqua Jackson in Camden, NJ who no doubt was wondering how following the Hollywood secular prog handbook for a happy life - lots of sex outside of marriage - wasn't working out so well.

Meanwhile, a buddy and I were at the Toby Mac concert here in San Diego. There, Christian artists were playing great music, the crowd was rocking and the songs were intermingled with testimonials about the importance of placing your marriage ahead of your own desires, the need for us to look beyond race and see each other as fellow children of God and how rewarding it was to sacrifice luxuries and indulgences to be able to support children in Africa.

Man, are we Christians out of touch. We need to be more like Chris Rock if we want to be cool. If only we weren't so judgmental, bigoted and narrow-minded, we'd spend our time talking about the need for black this and white that.

I guess we'll have to be content with great music and a good time.

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