Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What's Worse, A Confederate Flag Or A Burka?

As I understand it, we're being told to take down Confederate flags and allow Muslim refugees to enter the country. We're also being told that Confederate flags are racist and ISIS is not Islamic. I'm a bit confused.

I kind of like the Confederate flag. I'm an admirer of Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. I think the performance of the Confederate army early in the war was impressive. I'm a Yankee through and through, but I love the people, the food, the climate and the geography of the South. I also like the subtext of the flag - it kind of tells the Federal government to bug off. All in all, I've got no problem with the Stars and Bars.

Yeah, I get how some people could be offended by this, but there are things out there that offend me and I don't rush about calling for them to be banned. Life's full of things that bother some people and you just need to learn to deal with it.
The burka is an Islamic dress for women designed to protect them from men. The underlying assertion is that men cannot control their sexual urges, so the best way to keep women safe is to cover them completely. The burka, unlike the Confederate flag, is not something up for personal interpretation. It is part and parcel of a certain style of Islamic canon. It establishes an unequal relationship between men and women.

Let me know what your wife has to say when you ask her to wear one of these.
While I can happily volunteer to mentor young, black men so that they achieve as much as anyone else while driving around with a Dixie flag on my car, I'm not sure I can force my wife to wear a burka while looking at women as similar equals.

So what's the deal here? Why are we supposed to chant SJW slogans with Pavlovian reflexes whenever we see the Confederate flag, but we're supposed to be gentle and open-minded when we see a burka?

Could it be that we're intellectually lazy and voluntarily ignorant?


tim eisele said...

Speaking of Pavlovian responses, here's mine:

-That's neither the "Stars and Bars", nor the Confederate national flag. It's the Confederacy's 2nd Navy Jack, and the Confederacy only used it to identify their warships. It isn't even the "Battle Flag", which was square and used a different shade of blue. The "Stars and Bars" is a completely different flag.

It may be nitpickery, and maybe nobody had to say it, and maybe nobody even cares, but I'm saying it anyway.

K T Cat said...

LOL! I knew it was the Navy Jack. It didn't look quite right to me, but it was my favorite of what came up in the Google image search, so I went with it. Mea culpa.

Err, I hope Latin isn't a microaggression against you. ;-)

Anonymous said...

And the first Confederate Navy Jack looks suspiciously like the EU flag. And frankly, I'm triggered by seeing the EU flag; I'm offended. Though to be honest, it didn't have a lot to do with the fact that it looks so much like the first Confederate Navy Jack.

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