Wednesday, November 11, 2015

How Come School Administrators Don't Get Safe Spaces?

... or trigger warnings or the right to not hear abusive language or whatever it is that causes the Social Justice Warrior students to go into Nuclear Freakout Mode? Wouldn't it have been great to see the president of the University of Missouri quivering and screaming like a deranged teenage girl, demanding retractions and apologies and expulsions from the students who had said and written bad words about him?

Why shouldn't he? Why can't he? It would be awesome to see this happen just once - where everyone involved in the encounter is having wild meltdowns. I can just see it. The students are protesting in front of the administrative offices, screaming and chanting, professors are screaming demands and then the administrators come out and start screaming right back. Someone calls the campus police and they show up and start shouting and crying, too. In no time at all, the air is filled with frantic shrieking and incoherent demands, everyone's faces are beet-red with rage and signs with misspelled slogans are being waved by all and sundry.

If I was the president of a campus where such protests were going on, I would pay a good deal of my life savings to go out in a blaze of spasmodic, juvenile glory like this. It would be worth every penny.

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